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Breaking Down Dividing Walls

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Breaking Down Dividing Walls

Pastor Keith Hassell


Foundation Scripture:            Ephesians 2:11-22


I.          Separated and alienated – the result of sin

A.        Priesthood & People:  Originally divided because of the sin of the golden calf; now all are made priests of God in Christ (I Peter 2:9)

B.         Jew & Gentile:  The sin of unbelief and idolatry.

C.        Male & Female:  Problems in the garden as the result of sin.  Both now esteemed as being fellow heirs of the grace of life.

D.        Racial division:  The sin of pride at Babel.

E.         Generation Gap:  The sin of rejection and rebellion.

F.         Social division:  The sin of pride.

G.        Denominational division:  The sin of spiritual pride.

H.        Traditional division:  The sin of forced conformity.

I.          Fleshly division:  The sin of offense and strife.

II.         We have been brought near to God and each another by the blood of Jesus

            A.        Forgiven from sin

            B.         Cleansed from sin

III.       Jesus is our Peace

            A.        He has made us one

            B.         He has broken down the wall of separation

C.        He has abolished in His flesh the enmity of the law of commandments (the issues that created hostility between God and us and between each other)

D.        He has created one new man

E.         He has reconciled us to God in one body through the cross (death to that which causes hostility)

F.         He has made it possible for all of us to have common access to the Father by one Spirit (it is the Spirit who brings us together as one, not the law)

IV.       What is the purpose?

            A.        We are no longer separated and alienated from one another

            B.         We have been made fellow citizens with the saints (One people, nation, race)

            C.        We have been made members of the household of God

1.         Foundation:  Apostles and prophets with Jesus as the chief cornerstone.

2.         Fitted together:  There is an order and arrangement that God sets in the body for which we all embrace and celebrate.

3.         Facility:  We are growing into a holy temple in the Lord.

4.         Function:  We are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.

V.        Invitation

            A.        Salvation:  You do not have to remain separated from God.

            B.         Reconciliation:  You do not have to remain separated from one another.

            C.        Song:  We are one in the Spirit.

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