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Breaking The Spirit of Apathy

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Breaking The Spirit of Apathy

Pastor Keith Hassell



Foundation Scripture:    2 Timothy 1:3-10


I.          Problem:  Spiritual Apathy

            A.        A spiritual “I don’t care” attitude caused by a lack of vision

B.         Results in spiritual laziness, skepticism, and resistance to moving forward

C.        It’s goal in life is the “comfort zone”

II.        We need spiritual fathers to call us back into our destiny

            A.        Timothy knew the Lord and had been mothered in the faith

B.         Paul was Timothy’s spiritual father and called him back into the pursuit of his destiny

C.        Spiritual fathers are convinced of the potential within their spiritual children (verse 5)

III.       Symptoms and Cures for Apathy

            A.        Symptom #1:    Forgetting where you came from and who brought you here

                        Cure #1:           Remember

            B.         Symptom #2:    Allowing the gifts of God to go dormant

                        Cure #2:           Stir up the gift of God that is within you

C.        Symptom #3:    Becoming ashamed of Jesus and of association with the people

of God

Cure #3:           Return to your first love

            D.        Symptom #4:    Retreating to the comfort zone

                        Cure #4:           Share with others in the sufferings for Christ’s sake

            E.         Symptom #5:    Forgetting the hold that sin and Satan had on your former life

                        Cure #5:           Remember the price that Jesus paid to save and deliver you

            F.         Symptom #6:    Ignorance of God’s reason for creating you

                        Cure #6:           Believe that God has a purpose (destiny) for your life

            G.        Symptom #7:    Resisting God’s calling on your life

                        Cure #7:           Embrace the call of God for your life

            H.        Symptom # 8:   An “I can’t do it” attitude

                        Cure #8:           Receive God’s grace (i.e. “God’s ability”) by faith

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