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Arise, Go over this Jordan

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Arise, go over this Jordan!

Pastor Keith Hassell



Foundation Scripture:            Joshua 1:2-3


I.          Moses is dead

            A.        Old religious mentalities

            B.         The carnal nature (We have been buried with Christ in baptism)

            C.        Old hurts, wounds, offenses, disappointments, failures, etc.

D.        There comes a time when we must lay aside the past and move forward (Philippians 3:13-14)

II.        Its time to ARISE!

A.        Why will you sit there in your wilderness until you die?

            B.         How long will you be satisfied to simply survive until you die?

C.        How long will you wander in your wilderness rather than to do God’s will?

            D.        How long will you settle for the barren places?

            E.         How long will you be content with lukewarm living?

            F.         How long will you wait on God when He is waiting on you?

G.        How long will you nibble on raisins rather than to feast on grapes?

H.        How long will you see the giants as bigger than the God you serve?

I.          How long will you be intimidated by the strongholds that stand before you?

J.          How long will you sit in the valley of “one day” when God has called you to take your mountain “today”?

III.       Its time to go over this Jordan

            A.        Its time to CAST OFF the reproach of the wilderness

            B.         Its time to CATCH THE VISION of your inheritance

            C.        Its time to ARISE from the place of complacency

D.        Its time to DECIDE to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way

E.         Its time to FACE THE GIANTS in Jesus’ Name

F.         Its time to BELIEVE that God is greater than any stronghold

G.        Its time to PREPARE for war (Joshua 4:13)

H.        Its time to FOCUS on Jesus.  We’ve not been this way before.

I.          Its time to CIRCUMCISE your hearts

J.          Its time for leaders to be STRONG and of GOOD COURAGE (Joshua 1)

            1.         For the people’s sake (v. 6)

            2.         For the Word’s sake (v. 8)

            3.         For the Lord’s sake (v. 9)

            4.         For the rebel’s sake (v. 18)

K.        It is time to STEP OUT into the river by faith (Joshua 3:13)

IV.       Today is the time

            A.        To repent of sin

B.         To be saved, healed, and delivered

            C.        To receive the baptism with the Holy Spirit

            D.        To possess the land of inheritance

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