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As A Hen Gathers Her Chicks

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As A Hen Gathers Her Chicks

Pastor Keith Hassell




Foundation Scripture:  Matthew 23:37-39



I.          God, as a mother hen, seeks to gather His children


II.        The Importance of “Gathering”

A.                 Demonstrates a mother’s love

B.                 Demonstrates a mother’s care for all of her children

C.                 Brings comfort and healing for the hurt and scattered

1.         Psalm 147:2  “The Lord builds up Jerusalem; He gathers together the outcasts of Israel.  He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”

D.                 Promotes the connection with “family”

E.                  Provides protection from the coming storm

1.         The dark clouds of hell are gathering on the horizon of each person’s life.

III.       Will You Gather?

A.        The people of Jerusalem had resisted being gathered.  They had even stoned and killed those who came as God’s voice to gather them.

B.         The reason we will not be gathered is due to PRIDE and REBELLION.

            1.         Pride will not allow us to admit we have a need.

            2.         Rebellion will cause us to reject God’s ultimate authority in our life.

C.        If we will not be gathered unto Him, our house (life) will be left to us desolate (i.e. deserted, isolated, bleak, uninhabited, wild, barren, and depressed)

D.        If we will not be gathered unto Him, His presence will lift from our lives until we choose from the midst of our desert to cry out, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”

E.         Will you

1.                  Humble your pride?

2.                  Cease from your rebellion?

3.                  Respond to God’s love?

4.                  Come under His wings (i.e. “Lordship”)?

5.                  Receive healing and compassion?

6.                  Gather with the family at His table?

7.                  Find deliverance from the coming storm?

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