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An Attitude of Gratitude

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An Attitude of Gratitude

Pastor Keith Hassell



Foundation Scripture:  Psalm 100:4-5


I.       We are to enter His gates with gratitude

          A.      We are to be thankful to the Lord

          B.      Ungrateful people cannot sincerely praise or worship the Lord


II.      We are to avoid ingratitude

          A.      2 Timothy 3:2 In the last days people will be unthankful

B.      We are a generation that has more blessing than any other generation but are more ungrateful.

C.      We forget where we came from

D.      We take our blessings for granted.

          E.      We think someone owes us something.

          F.      1 Corinthians 10:10 The people of Israel were notorious complainers

          G.      Complaining attracts negative consequences and attitudes toward us

III.     Gratitude is an attitude

          A.      Our attitude will determine our altitude

B.      We will either exhibit an attitude of gratitude or an attitude of ingratitude

C.      The Devil’s Bad Attitudes

IV.     Gratitude releases favor and blessing

          A.      From God

          B.      From others

V.      Gratitude is the key to access to God’s presence (entrance through the gate)

VI.     Gratitude is a matter of focus (positive or negative)

VII.    Gratitude is a matter of choice

The Devil’s Bad Attitudes:


Blessed are the proud, for they shall be called my children.


Blessed are the unforgiving, for they shall never be reconciled.  


Blessed are those who sow discord and division, for they shall be called destroyers of the brethren. 


Blessed are the critics, for no one will measure up to their standards. 


Blessed are the unmerciful, for they judge as they do not want to be judged. 


Blessed are the self-centered, for they are the center of my attention. 


Blessed are those who seek to be recognized, for they shall receive my recognition. 


Blessed are the easily offended, for they shall become angry and quit. 


Blessed are the self-righteous, for they forget from where they came. 


Blessed are the accusers, for they shall hear my voice. 


Blessed are the excuse makers, for they shall be self-justified. 


Blessed are those who profess to love God but hate their brother, for they shall be with me forever. 


Blessed are the do-nothings, for they shall wear out the diligent. 


Blessed are the troublemakers, for they shall be called my children. 


Blessed are the ungrateful, for they shall never be satisfied. 


Blessed are the gossipers, for they shall be called my faithful messengers. 


Blessed are the unfaithful, for they undermine the work of God. 


Blessed is he who expects to be invited to his own church, for he is important to me. 


Blessed are those who feel it is not their duty to serve others, for they are my servants.


 Blessed are those who murmur and complain, for they shall inherit the dry places. 


Blessed are those who do not pray, for they shall be my prey.


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