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A New Vocation

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“A New Vocation”

Pastor Keith Hassell

Foundation Scripture:            Mark 1:16-20


I.          Jesus calls people from everyday life (“He saw Simon and Andrew his brother casing a net into the sea”)

            A.        They are busy

            B.         They have families

            C.        They have vocations

            D.        They have a life apart from Jesus

            E.         Question:  What desires compete with your walk with Jesus?


II.        Jesus calls us to leave some things behind (“they left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired servants, and went after Him.”)

            A.        Things that are sinful

            B.         Things that are good but that compete with our total devotion to Him

            C.        Things that keep us from fulfilling His call on our lives

            D.        Question:  What are some things that must be “left behind” in order for you to


III.       Jesus calls us to follow Him (“Follow Me”)

            A.        Jesus calls us to a new life

            B.         Jesus calls us to a new way

            C.        Jesus calls us to follow Him

D.        To follow Him means to deny ourselves, to take up our cross, and to follow Him (Luke 9:23)

E.         Question:  Have you settled it in your heart that you will follow Jesus for the rest of your life lived out one day at a time?

IV.       Jesus calls us to a new vocation (“I will make you become fishers of men”)

            A.        They have a new purpose in life

            B.         This calling supercedes other earthly involvements

            C.        This purpose is what they are willing to live, sacrifice, and die for

D.        This purpose is our heavenly vocation.  Where we work is simply God’s provision as we live to fulfill this vocation.

E.         They understand that they will stand before God one day based on how they have fulfilled this calling.

F.         Question:  Do you see your calling in Christ as your divine vocation and more important than anything else you do in this life?


V.        Vocational Attitude:  Hireling or Heir? (John 10:1-21)

A.        Heirs are connected with the Father.  Hirelings are independent contractors.

B.         Heirs understand the heart of the Father.  Hirelings understand their own desires.

C.        Heirs give their life for the ones he or she is called to serve.  Hirelings do not.

            D.        Heirs are willing to make ministry their lifestyle.  Hirelings come and go.

            E.         Heirs work to please the Father.  Hirelings work for personal benefit.

            F.         Heirs will fight for the sheep.  Hirelings run away in the tough times.

            G.        Heirs seek to know the sheep personally.  Hirelings only think of the crowd.

H.        Heirs are seeking to increase the flock.  Hirelings are content with simply carrying our their required duties.

I.          Heirs win the following of the sheep.  Hirelings demand a following.

J.          Heirs see their job as a calling.  Hirelings see their job as a duty that lasts only as long as they receive a “paycheck”.

K.        Question:  Do you exhibit to in your heart or to others the attitude of an heir or of a hireling?

VI.       Personal Paychecks (Rewards)

            A.        Personal gratification

            B.         Recognition

            C.        Position

D.        Success

            E.         Influence

            F.         Money

            G.        Pleasing the Father

            H.        Question:  What “paycheck” am I currently working for?

VII.     Summary

            A.        God has called us to a new vocation

            B.         This new vocation is our purpose on this earth.

C.        Everything in life should revolve around how we might fulfill this purpose.

D.        Our attitude will determine if we serve as a hireling or as an heir.

E.         We will one day give account for how we fulfilled this purpose.

F.         The only reward worth attaining is His reward.

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