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A Hunger For God

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A Hunger For God

Pastor Keith Hassell

August 30, 1998

Foundation Scripture:       Psalm 107:8-9, 17-22, 33-43;  Matthew 5:6

I.          God is looking for a hungry people to bless

            A.        God will dry up the land around the wicked in order to cause the hungry to                               dwell in it

            B.        God will satisfy the longing soul, and fill the hungry soul with goodness

            C.        What kind of hunger does God desire?

                        1.         Hunger for righteousness

                        2.         Hunger for  more of His glory, more of His power, more of His love

                        3.         Hunger for more of His presence, more of Him

                        4.         Hunger to do His will

            D.        God has created every person with a hunger for God.  Why then is not                          everyone living for God?

II.        Spiritual Apathy(Losing our  hunger for God)

            A.        Nibbling at the table of the world(movies, T.V., books, worldly pursuits)

            B.        Allowing good things to distract us from the One who is good(hobbies,                                    sports, entertainment, friends, family, children, jobs, etc...)

            C.        Allowing substitutes for God in our lives(money, drugs, alcohol, lover, etc)

            D.        Wrong priorities

                        1.         Greatest enemy to spiritual hunger is not poison, but apple pie

                        2.         Parable of the sower(Mark 4:13-20, v. 18-19)

            E.         Drawing near to the gates of spiritual death(Psalm 107:17-18)

                        1.         Fools are afflicted

                                    a.         For transgressions

                                    b.         For iniquities

                        2.         Their soul(mind, will, emotions) abhorred all manner of food

                        3.         HOPE:

                                    1)        They cried unto the Lord

                                                a)         He saved them out of their distress

                                                b)         He sent His word and healed them

                                                c)         He delivered them from their destructions

                                    2)        Oh that men might give thanks to the Lord for His goodness                                                       and for His wonderful works to the children of men!

II.        Are You Hungry?

            A.        Hunger(Websters)---a craving or urgent need for food or a specific nutrient.               Usually brought about by a prolonged lack of food.           

            B.        Appetite(Websters)---a taste or preference

                        1.         Appetites determine the direction of our lives(preferences on how to                                       fulfill our hunger)

                        2.         We develop appetites for certain things

                        3.         We must develop an appetite for God

            C.        John Piper:     "If we don't feel strong desires for the manifestation of the                                 glory of God, it is not because we have drunk deeply and are satisfied.  It is                              because we have nibbled so long at the table of the world.  Our soul is                             stuffed with small things, and there is no room for the great."

IV.       Developing a hunger for God

            A.        Repent of feeding on substitutes for God

            B.        Redirect your appetite(get back in control)

                        1.         1998 Word  "Fasting must become a way of life."

                        2.         Fasting(food, t.v., entertainment, work, friends, music, books,                                                    friends, and even Christian clutter)

                        3.         Feed on God's word

                        4.         Feed on God's presence

                        5.         Surround yourself in an atmosphere conducive to a godly appetite

            C.        Stay at the Lord's table

                        1.         He has prepared a table for us

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