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A House for His Presence

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A House for His Presence

Pastor Keith Hassell

Foundation Scripture:  Matthew 21:12-16


I.       The church is to be a house of His PRESENCE (v. 12)

A.      God wants to dwell in His house

1.       Exodus 25:8  “And let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them.”

           B.     Jesus will visit His house

                   1.       Question:  Will we receive His work in our midst?

2.       Jesus wept over Jerusalem and left their house empty (23:37-39)

          C.      Jesus is looking for a place to dwell

          D.      The Holy Spirit is looking for a place to rest (dove)

II.      The church must be a house of PURITY (v. 12)

A.      Malachi 3:1-3  God requires an offering in righteousness (no hypocrisy, sin, or insincere motives)


III.    The church must first be a house of PRAYER (v. 13)

          A.      We have made God’s house a

                   1.       House of preaching

                   2.       House of praise

                   3.       House of programs

                   4.       House of teaching

                   5.       House of entertainment

                   6.       House of fellowship

          B.      God wants a house of prayer

IV.     The church must be a house of POWER (v. 14)

V.      The church must become a house of PRAISE (v. 15-16)

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