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Year of the Double

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Year of the Double

Pastor Keith Hassell



Foundation Scripture:   Zechariah 9:11-13



I.                  This is the “Year of the Double”

A.               Year 2002 has two 2’s and two 0’s

B.                “Double” in scripture represents

1.                 Restoration of things stolen or lost

2.                 Right of Inheritance of the firstborn

3.                 Favor (Hannah received from her husband as a gift for sacrifice twice what her rival received)

4.                 Reward (I Timothy 5:17  The elders who serve well are worthy of double honor)

5.                 Judgment (God rewards His enemies double for their sins)

C.               This is a year of God’s favor, restoration, and a time to claim our right of inheritance

II.               How does this add up for Grace Fellowship?

A.               400+ members

B.                300+ average Sunday morning attendance

C.               16+ cell groups

D.               Double the number involved in cells

E.                Double the number of salvations

F.                Double the number of baptisms

G.               Double the number involved in Encounters

H.               Double the number on the Leadership Base Path

I.                   Double the average financial operating base

III.           What does this mean to you and I?

A.               God is pouring out a fresh outpouring of His favor and restoration. 

B.                We must repent of every issue in our life that keeps us from being in a position to receive.

C.               We must let go of everything that would keep us from walking in unity.  I believe that there are currently occult forces at work to destroy unity.  These curses are being released by spiritual strongholds in this region that have risen up to resist the move of the Holy Spirit.  These are curses of barrenness.  This spirit attempts to stop the move of God through

1.                 Rejecting the work of the Holy Spirit (dead womb)

2.                 Aborting the work of the Holy Spirit (church leadership)

3.                 Miscarrying the work of the Holy Spirit through strife and division.

a.      Satan offers the bait of offense

b.  Believers take the offense and refuse to forgive choosing rather to rehease and nurse the offense

c.  Rather than to follow steps for Biblical resolution, believers choose to pull into spiritual and emotional isolation from those they are offended.

d.     The next step is to enter physical isolation from the individual or individuals.  Of course, in order to avoid one or two you have to stay away from everyone else.

e.      Now that you are isolated, Satan has you firmly captured in his web of offense, He quickly spins his web of lies in your mind, twisting the truth into a lie. Now you are no longer able to be reconciled because you now believe the lie.  Truth has no power to deliver you until you are willing to repent of believing the lie.

f.       You are now taken captive by Satan to do His will by sowing and spreading discord and lies throughout the body of Christ, entangling others in that web, bringing many others to spiritual shipwreck.

g.     We must repent of our sin and get reconciled with our brothers and sisters for Christ’s sake.

4.                 Premature delivery (Attempt to birth the baby before its time)

            a.       Testing at the river (Gideon)

b.       “In revival, God first refines and purifies His people, then He fills them with His power.  Then He places in their heart His love and compassion for those who are lost without God and without hope in the world.  In revival, Christian people are not trying to work up the courage to testify about a historical figure they learned from a book---they radiate the knowledge of the One whose power is continually filling their lives.  Revival normally begins among God’s people, but soon it affects society. The power of God is so strong that prostitutes, drug addicts, alcoholics, and those addicted to gambling, pornography, and lust are set free and gloriously converted.  In past revivals, saloons were closed for lack of customers, jails were empty for lack of criminals, courst wre empty for lack of disputes, dance halls and theaters were empty for lack of customers.  Men and women are drawn to prayer meetings like iron filings to a magnet.  Dealing with eternity becomes the uppermost concern in people’s lives.”

c.  2 Chronicles 7:14

D.               We must enter into the stronghold of God’s presence where the enemy cannot touch our heart with offense and where we can get healed when we have been hurt. 

E.               We must choose to praise the Lord.  Out of our praise will come fruitfulness (Ephraim means “fruitfulness”)

1.                 Isaiah 54:1-3

F.                We must rise to a new level of faith to claim the Year of the Double and to receive our inheritance in Christ

G.              We must mix works with faith to fulfill our mission

1.                 W – Witness (Reap)

2.                 I – Ingather (Gather)

3.                 N – Network (Store)

4.                 S – Scattered

5.                 O – Oppressed

6.                 U – Unchurched

7.                 L – Lost

8.                 S – Sheep

IV.            Victory Day 2002

A.               Goal 400

B.                “10 Most Wanted”

C.               Areas of service

1.                 Children

2.                 Drama

3.                 Follow-up

4.                 Mail outs

5.                 Ushers, Greeter, Parking attendants

6.                 Food

7.                 Equipment

8.                 Bus & van outreach

9.                 Flyers & tracts

10.             Building cleanup

11.             Grounds cleanup

12.     Prayer

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