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Wrestling with God

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Wrestling with God

Pastor Keith Hassell



Foundation Scripture:   Genesis 32

I.       We all have character flaws.

          A.      “Jacob” means “deceiver, supplanter”

          B.      Jacob had gotten the blessing of his father through deception

          C.      What is your name?


II.      We cannot fulfill our destiny with blatant character flaws

          A.      Jacob had to flee from his father’s house

B.      Jacob chose to ignore his character flaws

III.    We cannot ignore our character flaws

          A.      Jacob chose to run away from the problem

B.      We may try to run from the problem, but we cannot run from God

D.      God sent Jacob to his uncle Laban’s house

E.      Jacob got a taste of his own medicine.  Laban deceived Jacob in a tent (Leah) just as Jacob deceived his Isaac in a tent

F.      Jacob had tasted the pain of deception

G.      Jacob desired to return home (fathering, destiny)

IV.     We must acknowledge the problem

A.      Jacob chose to stop running and face reality (himself and Esau)

          B.      Jacob chose to become accountable (Esau)

C.      Jacob knew God wanted to bless him (verses 9-10, 12)

          D.      Jacob cried out for deliverance (verse 11-12)

IV.     We must persevere with God until character flaws are changed

          A.      We must become desperate for change in our lives

          B.      Jacob was changed from “deceiver” to “A prince with God”

C.      The blessing of God was a new name.  A new name represents the work of God to have our character changed by the power of God

V.      God wants to give you a new name

A.      Revelation 2:17  “To him who overcomes…I will give him a white stone, and on the stone a new name written which no one knows except him who receives it.”

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