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Winning the War with Amalek

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Winning the War with Amalek

Pastor Keith Hassell



Foundation Scripture:  Exodus 17:8-16; 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

I.          We are in a war

            A.        The war is over inheriting the promised vision

B.        The purpose of the enemy is to steal our rest (Rephidim means a place of rest or refreshing)

C.        The war is in our minds

II.         God brought Israel out with a VISION

A.        Vision is tested (Psalm 105:19 The word of the Lord tested Joseph)

B.        Israel did not fail to enter the Promise Land because of their enemy, but because of the unbelief and disobedience

III.       God’s war with Amalek represents the war over our minds

            A.        Amalek represents negative thoughts

B.        A negative thought is to invite you worst enemy to come live with you

C.        God told Saul to completely destroy Amalek

D.        Saul spared the king of Amalek (he got rid of a few insignificant thoughts but left the kingpin of negative thoughts alive.)

E.         Negative thoughts bring barrenness to the vision (1 Sam. 15:32)

F.         Samuel took a sword and cut Amalek to pieces (1 Sam. 15:33):  So we must cut to pieces every negative thought with the word of God

IV.       Winning the War with Amalek

            A.        Negativity wars against the vision

            B.        Negativity is an enemy of fruitfulness and multiplication

C.        Negativity sees the problem rather than the promise

            C.        Negativity kills faith and potential

D.        Negativity invites a spirit of discouragement

E.         We must war against every negative thought with the word of God (2 Corinthians 10:3-5)

            F.         We must not allow negative people to steal away the vision

G.        We must not allow negativity in the leadership (Ten spies)

            A.        Once Saul was removed, God raised up David.

H.        Always believe the best.  You cannot allow any bad thoughts against your wife, husband, children, pastor, cell leaders, brother, sister, church, etc.

V.        God wars with Amalek from generation to generation (this generation!)

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