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Entering Into Partnership

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In the first century, the Apostle Paul needed resources to further the Gospel. Thankfully, the Philippian Church was willing to partner with him. The mission of the Gospel hasn't changed; we still resources to send missionaries and plant churches. How should we be supporting Gospel-work in our city and beyond? How should we be entering into partnership with local churches, to see the Gospel spread?

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Whitehorse Baptist Church "Ordinary People: Radical Joy" "ENTERING INTO PARTNERSHIP" (PHIL. 4:14-23) OUTLINE STYLE: INDICUTIVE DEVELOPMENT INTRODUCTION: 1. PRE-MESSAGE PRAYER (Facilitated by Worship Team) 2. (SLIDE 1) WE ARE THE FELLOWSHIP a) We're not just your average Baptist church! i) Some Baptist churches are (1) Independent or (2) Denominational. Ø We are a Fellowship: “You are part of a story and a history...that started out of a deep conviction...that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has power...that this Gospel is transformational and that it’s alive. A conviction that the local church is the vehicle that God uses to transform lives.” ( b) Organizationally, relational and financially we enter into partnership. i) Over 500 churches across Canada... ii) ...and Missions, Chaplaincies and Church Plants across the world. 3. (SLIDE 2) SERIES RECAP & MESSAGE INTRO Ø Paul commends the Philippian church for their partnership! TEACHING: 4. (SLIDE 3-5) PHILIPPIANS 4:14-23 Ø (SLIDE 6) 2 Types of Partnership: (1) Founding & (2) Long-Standing 5. (SLIDE 7) FOUNDING PARTNERSHIPS (VS. 15) a) Highlight 4:15 then Phil. 1:3-5 "...from the first day..." i) Paul begins with this thought and now ends with it! b) (SLIDE 8) Risk Is High! i) (SLIDE 9) But so is the reward! (Church Planting is the best example!) Ø (SLIDE 10) Jeffrey C. Farmer (PhD with New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) researched 624 churches that had planted. Ø Findings: “...attendance rose 21.5% for the five years after a church plant. Additionally, monetary growth was favorable in 7 of the 8 variables tested, including designated gifts (77% increase) and tithes (48%)." Ø (SLIDE 11) Conclusion? "A church on mission prioritizes its sending capacity over its seating capacity. This reproductive generosity brings health to the mother church as well as to the baby churches.” ( 6. (SLIDE 12) LONG-STANDING PARTNERSHIPS (VS. 16) a) Highlight 4:16 then Phil. 1:3-5 "...from the first day until now." b) (SLIDE 13) Map of Paul's Missions (...Macedonia...Thessalonica...) i) Ask a Missionary about long-standing partnership. Ø Helping them budget helps them cast vision! c) (SLIDE 14) One of the reasons WBC has a Membership Covenant. i) “I will through the Holy Spirit... Ø (Reference other covenant items but don't list them!) Ø Contribute cheerfully and regularly to the support of its ministry and the spread of the Gospel throughout the world.” APPLICATION: 7. (SLIDE 15) THE REWARD OF PARTNERSHIPS? a) Highlight verse 17 and 18. b) To understand the "why" we need to dive into Paul's O.T. Throwback! i) (SLIDE 16) Noah's Sacrifice (Genesis 8:20-21) ii) (SLIDE 17) Sacrifices & Offerings (Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary) Ø “The Old Testament regulations for offerings and sacrifices are renowned for their many and complicated details, and the overall sacrificial system is quite foreign to our Western culture. Yet one could hardly overestimate the significance of the Old Testament sacrificial system for the theology of the Bible." iii) This is why we stop and look back when Paul throws out a line about monetary gifts being a sacrificial offering! CONCLUSION: 8. (SLIDE 18) ETERNAL PARTNERSHIP a) Highlight verse 19-20. b) (SLIDE 19) Highlight Matthew 6:21: "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (It's not just about money!) 9. (SLIDE 20) INVITATION (Worship In Response & Post-Message Prayer) i) (SLIDE 21) Opportunities to partner with Whitehorse Baptist Church: Ø Visit or contact Nick at
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