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Who Will Lift The Standard

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Who Will Lift The Standard?

Pastor Keith Hassell



Foundation Scripture:   Isaiah 59:19  “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.”


I.       When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against him

            A.        A standard identifies who we are

            B.         A standard represents our values and principles

            C.        A standard represents to whom we give our allegiance

            D.        A standard is a rallying point in the face of attack

E.         America has come under attack and everyone is now rallying under the standard of the American Flag (Freedom, liberty, national pride, unity, strength)

II.      We are under attack (“The enemy comes in like a flood”)

            A.        Our moral standards

B.         Our religious freedoms

            C.        Our constitutional freedoms

            D.        Our churches

            E.         Our families

            F.         Our marriages

            G.        Our children

            H.        Our country

            I.          Our faith (commitment to live for Christ)

III.    When the enemy comes in, God always raises the standard

            A.        We have let the standard fall.  As a result we are weak, soft, and unprepared.

B.         We must lift it back up in order to overcome the enemy.  We must count the cost and pay the price that it will take to raise it up once again.

C.        Lifting a standard requires the courage of leadership.


IV.     Who will lift up the standard in this generation?

            A.        A standard for holiness?

            B.         A standard for righteousness?

            C.        A standard for the fear of the Lord? (departing from sin)

            D.        A standard for prayer and seeking the Lord?

            E.         A standard in worship?

F.         A standard for our families?

G.        A standard for our children?

            H.        A standard for our youth?

I.          A standard for service?

            J.          A standard for ministry?

            K.        A standard for leadership?

V.      It will NOT be:

            1.         The fearful

            2.         The unbelieving

            3.         The stubborn

4.         The rebellious

5.         The unrepentant

6.         Lukewarm

            7.         The selfish

            8.         The self-seeking

            9.         The satisfied

10.       The undecided

            11.       The hesitator

            12.       The undisciplined

            13.       The weak

            14.       The uncommitted

            15.       The unfaithful

16.       The excuse maker

VI.     The Standard Bearers WILL be:

          1.         The courageous

            2.         The believing

            3.         The yielded

            4.         The submitted

            5.         The repentant

            6.         The passionate

            7.         The unselfish

            8.         The God seeking

            9.         The hungry

            10.       The determined

            11.       The initiator

            12.       The disciplined

            13.       The strong

            14.       The committed

            15.       The faithful

            16.       The risk taker

VII.   Will you be a Standard Bearer in this generation?

            1.         Will you give your life to Jesus?

            2.         Will you turn away from your sin?

            3.         Will you lift up the standard in this generation?

                        a.         Elders?

                        b.         Cell Leaders?

                        c.         Ministry Leaders?

                        d.         Future Leaders?

                        e.         Ministry members

                        f.          Husbands?

                        g.         Wives?

                        h.         Dads?

                        i.          Moms?

                        j.          Children?

                        k.         Young people?

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