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Winning Souls

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Winning Souls

Pastor Keith Hassell



Foundation Scripture:  Matthew 9:35-38

I.       Its Harvest Time!

          A.      The harvest is plentiful

          B.      The laborers are few

          C.      Jesus is calling forth laborers into His harvest!

II.      Launching:  “The Year of the Double”

A.      This year has the potential for double

                   1.       Salvations (200+)

                   2.       Baptisms (114+)

                   3.       Membership (400+)

                   4.       Sunday Attendance (300+)

                   5.       Cell groups (16+)

                   6.       Cell group attendance (200+)

                   7.       People completing the Leadership Base Path

B.      We must meet Christ’s conditions

                   1.       Repent of every sin that keeps us from receiving the double

2.                 Walk in unity with one another

3.                 Run to the stronghold of God’s presence

4.                 Praise the Lord in adverse circumstances

5.                 Rise to a new level of faith

6.                 Mix works with your faith

B.      Personal soul winner pins

C.      Launching rockets and booster rocket

1.                 Fueled by prayer

2.                 Ignited by winning souls and making disciples

III.    Launching Rocket:  Victory Sunday (March 31)

A.      VISION:  To use the heavily attended church day of the year as a vehicle to reach out to our friends, family and neighbors. 

B.                GOALS:  To have 400+ people in attendance on this day.

1.                 Nursery (15)

2.                 Tots N Training (20)

3.                 Powerhouse Preschoolers (30)

4.                 Kids N Revival (60)

5.                 Youth (50)

6.                 Adults (225)

C.               STRATEGY

1.                 “Ten Most Wanted”

2.                 Outreach through Lighthouses

3.                 Outreach events to the apartments, etc.

4.                 Tickets for Victory Sunday

5.                 Mail blitz

6.                 Phone blitz

7.                 Skits blitz

8.                 Advertising blitz

9.                 Competition for those who bring the most visitors

10.             Victory Sunday

a.                  Bus & Van outreach

b.                 Special Children’s services

c.                 Praise & worship geared around victory in Christ

d.                 Tambourine & Dance

e.                  Drama to Carman’s Champion

f.                   Altar call for salvation and to gain victory in Jesus

g.                 FREE barbeque dinner outside

h.                 Fun & games for the entire family

i.                    Drawings for prizes

11.             Follow-up campaign on everyone who comes (Second booster rocket for the “Year of the Double”)

12.             New Lighthouses ready to go by April

13.             Focus on Networks (Men, Women, Youth, Children)

D.               TASKS

1.                 Ministry of Helps

a.       Ushers

b.                 Greeters

c.                 Parking attendants

d.                 Security & Monitors

2.                 Outreach

a.       Apartments

b.                 Flyers

3.                 Mail Blitz

a.       Mailing information about Victory Sunday

b.       Mailing confirmation letters to those who sign up to come

                   4.       Phone blitz

                             a.       Calling all members and visitors

                   5.       Food Crew

                             a.       Preparing side dishes (Potato salad, beans, desserts)

                             b.       People to help serve

                   6.       Muscle Crew

                             a.       Tents

                             b.       Tables

                             c.       Chairs

                   7.       Children’s ministry (nursery all the way up)

                   8.       Outdoor games & equipment

IV.     Getting on Board for Blast Off

          A.      To go where we have never gone before

          B.      To do what we have never done before

          C.      To be what we have never been before

V.      Invitation

A.      To get on this ship you must first have your boarding pass (Salvation in Jesus Christ)

B.      You must get rid of any extra load of sin that will weight you down

C.      You must sign up to be a a part of this team of unity working together

D.      You must lift up your eyes with a higher dimension of faith

E.      You must be willing to get off the ground and begin fulfilling our mission to win souls and make disciples

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