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Winds of Change

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Winds of Change

Pastor Keith Hassell

(Pentecost Sunday)



Foundation Scripture:  Acts 2:1-4


I.          Day of Pentecost is a birthday

            A.        Traditionally the birthday of the church

            B.         Day when wind or “breath” came into the saints and transformed them

II.        Winds of Change

A.        God is in control of the winds.  God never changes.  Anything that changes must be us to be more like Jesus and to finish His work.

1.         The disciples had been used to doing ministry with Jesus, but now they were going to learn to do ministry with the Holy Spirit

            B.         Change of the wind will empower those who are ready (upper room)

C.        Change of the winds will bring questions into the hearts of those who have not discerned the wind (crowd)

D.        Change must be explained so people can know how to respond (Peter’s message)

E.         Change of the winds can release a new effectiveness in ministry (3,000 saved)

F.         Change of the winds brought a new order to the church (meetings in the home)

III.       Responding to winds of change

            A.        Do not fear.  God is in control.

B.         Our destination has not changed.(disciples in the boat in the storm were still commissioned to go to the other side)

            C.        We must trim the sails and continue to move forward.

            D.        If the winds cease, keep rowing.

IV.       Ministering to those who have felt the fear of change

            A.        Fearful of the wind

            B.         Boat taking on water.

            C.        Fear of drowning (becoming overwhelmed)

            D.        Cry out to Jesus.

            E.         Have faith.

            F.         Speak peace to the storm.

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