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Why Do You Seek Him

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Why Do You Seek Him?

Pastor Keith Hassell



Foundation Scripture:  John 6:22-71


I.          The crowd sought Jesus because He met their needs (John 6:22-25)

            A.        The people wanted bread, but Jesus offered Himself

II.         Why are you seeking Jesus today?

            A.        Healing?

            B.         Deliverance?

            C.        Restoration in your marriage?

            D.        Relief from the pressure of life?

            E.         Relief from financial stress?

            F.         Desire for His blessing?

III.       The crowd sought Jesus because of the works Jesus did (John 6:28)

            A.        The people wanted miracles, but Jesus offered Himself

IV.       Jesus is not interested in your hand; He wants your heart.

            A.        Are we seeking His hand, or are we seeking His face?

B.         Psalm 103:7  God made known His ways to Moses, but His acts to the children of Israel

V.        Only those who are being taught by the Father truly belong to Him (John 6:41-45)

            A.        Many follow Christ, but not all belong to Christ

            B.         Many are members of the crowd, but they are not committed to Christ

VI.       Only those who live in covenant with Christ belong to Him (John 6:51-58)

VII.      Only those who can adjust to the “hard” things will remain with Christ (John 6:60)

VIII.     Not everyone who follows Christ truly believes (John 6:64)

IX.       No one can come to Christ unless it is granted by the Father (John 6:65)

            A.        Only God the Father can reveal the Son (Matthew 16:17-18)

X.        The disciples sought Jesus because the Father had revealed who Jesus was

A.        They did not follow Him for what He could do for them.  They followed Him because of who He was.

XI.       Judas betrayed Jesus because he followed Jesus because it was financially profitable to be with Jesus.  But he did not follow Jesus because of who Jesus was. (John 6:70-71)

XII.      Why do you seek Him?

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