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Where Your Treasure Is

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Where Your Treasure Is

Pastor Keith Hassell



Foundation Scripture:   Luke 12:13-34


I.       Where is your treasure?  Show me where your treasure is, and I will show you where your heart is!

II.      What is our definition of “life”?

          A.      What determines if we will have a happy life?

          B.      What is the focus of a happy life?

          C.      What is the finish line of a happy life?

          D.      Is not “LIFE” the goal of a happy life?

          E.      “LIFE” results from a relationship with Jesus Christ who is our life

III.    Heart conditions that rob us of “LIFE”

          A.      Covetousness (verses 13-15)

1.       LIFE does not consist in the abundance of the things a man possesses (or who he possesses in relationship)

2.       Covetousness is setting your sights on a treasure that belongs to another

3.       Covetousness is setting your focus on things of this world rather than on a relationship with God

4.       Covetousness will lock you into wanting more and never being satisfied with what you have.  This developing a life with the Lord is always on end of our list of “desires.”

          B.      Selfishness (Parable of the Rich Fool, verses 16-21)

                   1.       This man had worked hard and prospered

                   2.       This man became a hoarder rather than a giver

3.       This man laid up treasure for himself but was not rich toward God

4.       Selfishness keeps our heart focused on ourselves rather than upon the Lord and others

          C.      Worry (verses 22-30)

                   1.       Worry is borrowing potential trouble from tomorrow.

                   2.       Worry consists of thoughts whirling around a center of fear.

3.       What is the fear that Jesus is speaking of here?  The fear of not having the things we need in life.

4.       Fear keeps our hearts trusting in ourselves and in others rather than trusting in Him.

5.       Fear paralyzes our obedience to the Lord.

IV.     How do we experience true LIFE?

A.      (Verse 31)  Overcome covetousness by focusing on the true priority of our life---to seek the kingdom of God.  What does this mean?  It means to embrace the kingdom of God in our own lives and to seek to bring His kingdom into the lives of others.

B.      (Verse 32)  Overcome fear by trusting that God will give us everything we need as we seek first His kingdom.

C.      (Verse 33)  Overcome selfishness by focusing on the needs of others.  Sell what you have and give alms. In doing so, you provide for yourself the kind of riches that no one can ever take from you and that can never lose their value.

V.      What is the conclusion of the matter?  It is the heart.  “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

          A.      Where is your treasure today?

B.      Show me where your treasure is and I will show you where your heart is.

C.      If your treasure is “More” then your heart will never be satisfied.

D.      If your treasure is “Me” then your heart will rot with selfishness.

E.      If your treasure is “security in this life” then your heart will become paralyzed by fear and worry.

F.      When Jesus and His kingdom become our treasure, then our heart is right and the truly important things will be ours as well.

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