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Pastor Keith Hassell

“What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do”

1.       Are we under spiritual attack?        FIGHT

2.       Are we being corrected?                  REPENTANCE

3.       Have we lost our vision?                  RESTORE

4.       Are we lacking strategy?                 SEEK THE LORD

5.       Are we wounded?                                      SEEK HEALING

6.       Are we oppressed?                           SEEK DELIVERANCE

7.       Are we hindered?                                      PERSEVERANCE

8.       Are we weak and tired?                            WAIT ON THE LORD

9.       Is God ending a season?                           EXPECT NEW BEGINNING

10.     Is it God’s timing?                           PATIENCE

11.     Are we in transition?                       BE FLEXIBILE OR CHANGE

12.     Are we not sure?                              BE FAITHFUL

13.     Have we done all?                            STAND

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