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What Do You Have

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What Do You Have?

Pastor Keith Hassell

Foundation Scripture:            2 Kings 4:1-7

I.          When the anointing seems to die, the creditor (Satan) comes

II.        Saints are crying out to those with the anointing, “Please help us!”

            A.        We need your oil!        

III.       What do you have?  The oil (anointing) of the Holy Spirit! (verse 2)

            A.        We cannot live on another man’s anointing

            B.         God has given us a measure that will suffice if we will use it

            C.        We despise the small measure and do nothing

            D.        We need to use what God has given us by faith trusting for it to increase

IV.       God wants to use us to fill empty vessels (verse 3)

            A.        Go and get empty vessels and begin to fill them

                        1.         Neighbors, friends, family members

                        2.         Anyone who is empty

B.         Are you empty or are you full?

C.        Full vessels cannot be filled with God’s anointing

            D.        We must be emptied in order for God to fill us

            E.         2 Timothy 2:20-21 The choice to be a vessel for God’s use is up to us.

V.        As long as we keep pouring oil into empty vessels the oil will not stop (verse 5)

A.        We want the anointing to stay, but the only way it can stay is to give it away.

VI.       When there are no more vessels, the oil will stop (verse 6)

            A.        When we stop going to the hungry the oil will stop

            B.         When people stop being hungry, the oil will stop

VII.     The anointing will take care of our needs (verse 7)

VIII.    Application

            A.        Do you need some oil?   RECEIVE

            B.         Are you willing to use what you have?   RELEASE


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