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Walking Worthy of Your Calling

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Walking Worthy of Your Call

Pastor Keith Hassell


Foundation Scriptures:  Psalm 133; John 17:21; Ephesians 4:1-6

I.          Walk worthy of the calling with which you were called

A.        The “calling” is the free invitation (as to a banquet) they have had from God to receive the privileges of the Gospel, and become his sons and daughters, without being obliged to observe Jewish rites and ceremonies

B.        Their vocation, or calling, took in their Christian profession, with all the doctrines, precepts, privileges, duties, etc., of the Christian religion.

II.         How to walk worthy

            A.        Lowliness:  Humility of mind

B.        Gentleness:  Meekness, strength under control; the opposite of anger and irritability

C.        Longsuffering:  Long enduring temper, leniency; never allowing a trial or provocation to get the end of your patience.

D.        Forbearing with one another:  Putting up with one another knowing how much God and others have had to put up with you

            E.         In Love:  Agape

            F.         Endeavoring:  To be quick and diligent

            G.        Keep:  To guard, to keep the eye upon

            H.        Unity:  Oneness

I.          Unity of the Spirit:  Not only a spiritual unity, but a unity in the purpose and work of the Holy Spirit among us, recognizing that it is through His Spirit that He is working in us all.

J.         Bond of Peace:  Ligament, cement, covenant of peace and rest

III.       Recognize the unity that exists by virtue of relationship to God

            A.        One body:  One church:  Not Jewish, Gentile, male, female, young, old.

            B.        One Spirit:  It is the same Spirit that is at work in everyone

            C.        One Hope:  Of everlasting salvation and glory

            D.        One Lord:  Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church

            E.         One Faith:  One belief system as lined out in the Scripture

F.         One Baptism:  Pronounced in the name of the Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

G.        One God:  There is only one God

H.        One Father of All:  There is only one Father by which we are all related as sons and daughters, brothers and sisters.


I.          Who is Above All (Father):  Presides over all; Supreme

J.         Who is Through All (Son):  Pervading and upholding all things by His word

K.        Who is In You All (Spirit):  His energy & presence working in each of us

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