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Wage the Good Warfare

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Wage the Good Warfare

Pastor Keith Hassell



Foundation Scripture:   1 Timothy 1:18-19a


I.       We are in a war


II.      We are to wage the good warfare

          A.      According to the prophecies made concerning you

          B.      By them you may wage the good warfare

III.    What are the things God has spoken over you?

          A.      His love for you?

          B.      His plan for you?

          C.      His promises for you?

D.      His requirement of you?

IV.     It is time to repent (or else you can suffer shipwreck)

          A.      Repent for not giving heed to the word spoken

          B.      Repent for not believing the word

C.      Repent of neglecting the word spoken

          D.      Repent of becoming distracted

          E.      Repent of not obeying the word

F.      Repent for fainting rather than fighting


V.      It is time to pick up those prophetic words and fight

          A.      With the prophetic word, we can wage the good warfare

                   1.       Rhema word (sword of the Spirit)

          B.      Having faith

                   1.       Believe the word and begin to act like it is true

2.       Confess that the word is true

3.       Birth the word in prayer (Elijah prayed until it rained)

4.       Prophesy the word to your circumstance (Ezekiel 37 Valley of dry bones)

          C.      Having a good conscience

                   1.       Is there hidden or unconfessed sin?

                   2.       Are you in right standing with God?

                   3.       Are you in right standing with your brother or sister?

4.       Is your motive right?

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