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Ushering In His Presence

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Ushering In His Presence

Pastor Keith Hassell





Foundation Scripture:   2 Samuel 6


I.       David desired to usher in the King of Glory to His city

II.      David learned the importance of the fear of the Lord

          A.      David learned the dangers of presumption

          B.      Good intentions are not enough

III.     David sought how the ark of the Lord could come to him

          A.      David sought God’s plan for ushering in the glory

IV.     David ushered in the Ark with praise

          A.      David and the people praised the Lord with instruments

          B.      David danced before the Lord (leaping and whirling)

V.      David offered burnt offerings and peace offerings to the Lord

          A.      Worship and right relationship

B.      Burnt offerings are the sacrifice of our selves

          C.      Peace offerings are offerings of communion with God

VI.     The danger of being a spectator / critic

          A.      Micah despised David in her heart

B.      Result:  Barrenness (unfruitfulness)

VII.    David desired to build God a dwelling place

VIII.  God promised to build David’s house

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