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Understanding Authority

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Understanding Authority

Pastor E. Keith Hassell

Foundation Scripture:  Romans 13:1-6

I.                   The greatest struggle we face is over the issue of authority

A.               Lucifer is the original rebel against God’s authority (Isaiah 14:12-15)

B.                The root of rebellion is pride

C.               Question 1: Have I lifted myself above God’s authority in my life?

D.               Question 2: Have I rebelled against God’s authority in my life?

II.                God has placed all authorities in their positions and none are in those positions without Him

A.               God has all inherent authority (He is the Source of all authority)

B.                Man has been given delegated authority (Human authority is given by God and accountable to God)

1.          Parents

2.          Spouse

3.          Church leaders

4.          Employers

5.          Government leaders

C.               Only God has supreme authority. Man has limited authority.

III.             Human authorities are set for our good. God grants authority to men to punish evil does and praise those who do right

A.               1 Peter 2:13-17

B.                1 Peter 5:5

IV.            When we resist delegated authority in our life, we resist God.

A.               God works in our lives through those He has assigned over us

B.                Question: Have I resisted God’s delegated authority in my life?

V.               When we submit to God’s authority we find

A.               Covering (Protection)

B.                Authority (delegated)

C.               Connection (relationship)

D.               Accountability (responsibility)

E.                Purpose (meaning)

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