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Turn from your wicked ways

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Turn From Your Wicked Ways

Pastor Keith Hassell



Foundation Scripture:   2 Chronicles 7:14


I.       Revival will come when God’s people meet the conditions

          A.      Humble themselves (acknowledge their need)

          B.      Pray (request His intervention)

          C.      Seek His face (hunger for God)

          D.      Turn from their wicked ways (repentance)

II.      The missing ingredient is repentance

          A.      John the Baptist:  “Prepare the way of the Lord.”

III.     What is the problem?

          A.      People have rejected the Lordship of Jesus Christ

          B.      People have rejected the authority of the word of God

          C.      People have twisted the truth to justify their own sin

          D.      People are doing what is right in their own eyes

          E.      People are brazen in their sin

          F.      People are tolerant of what is evil and intolerant of what is good

          G.      People have called good evil and evil good

          H.      People claim to know Jesus but do not do what He says

IV.     The moral law of God never changes no matter how we try to legislate it with our civil laws (Battle over the Ten Commandments)

          A.      Murder (Matthew 5:21-24 Unforgiveness)

B.      Pornography (lust)

C.      Fornication

D.      Adultery

          E.      Divorce (covenant breaking)

          F.      Abortion (murder)

G.      Homosexuality (Gene Robinson: First openly gay Episcopal bishop elected to New Hampshire)

H.      Witchcraft & Sorcery (pagan idolatry)

I.       Have we legislated evil as good in our own opinions and conversation?

V.      We need to repent and turn back to God

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