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Training for Reigning

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Training for Reigning

Pastor Keith Hassell


(Based on Rick Godwin’s book, Training for Reigning)

There are only two businesses where you start off at the top---grave digging and well digging.  In everything else you start at the bottom.

I.          Introduction

A.        The example of Jesus

            1.         Jesus started off as a child

                        2.         Isaiah 9:6-7 Jesus was born to reign

                        3.         Jesus began at Bethlehem (like David)

4.         Jesus began in a lowly manger, not on a throne

5.         Philippians 2:5-9 We are to have the mind of Christ.  Jesus was God but became servant and is now Lord

6.         Romans 5:17 We reign in life by Christ Jesus

                                    1)         Jesus alone has all authority

                                    2)         Everyone else in authority operates under delegated authority

                        7.         Jesus was born to reign.  We are born again to reign.

                        8.         Jesus promises rulership to overcomers

                                    1)         Revelation 2:26-27

                                    2)         Revelation 3:21

B.         The life of David

                        1.         Bethlehem:        Faithful in natural things

                        2.         Adullam:           Faithful in need

                        3.         Hebron:            Faithful in relationships

                        4.         Zion:                 Faithful in ruling

II.        Bethlehem:     Faithful in natural things


Reigning over our own Souls


            A.        Bethlehem is doing what is right in the present time and situation

                        1.         Getting to work on time

                        2.         Keeping the house clean

                        3.         Loving your wife

4.         Training and caring for the children

                        5.         Disciplining the children when they get out of line

                        6.         Feeding the dog

                        7.         Fixing the house

                        8.         Mowing the lawn

                        9.         Keeping your word

                        10.       Paying your bills

            B.         Process of growth

                        1.         At first the parent does everything

                        2.         Then the parent teaches and the child learns

3.         The child does and they receive more responsibility with accountability

            C.        I Timothy 3:5-7            Leader in the church is not to be a novice

D.        James 1:23-25    Leaders must be those who actively practice what they are taught.  Its not the hearers but the doers of the word that will be blessed.

E.         Test:     Are you doing what you already know to do?

F.         Many want to do miracles and raise the dead but fail at the greatest challenge of controlling their own flesh and becoming like Jesus in character

G.        BEFORE Jesus entered His earthly ministry, He had this approval from His Heavenly Father:  “This is my beloved Son in whom I AM WELL PLEASED.”

H.        Jesus was approved before He did one miracle

I.          A lot of people want to be used by God but they don’t

            1.         Honor their parents

            2.         Respect authority

            3.         Pray and study the word

            4.         Pay their tithes

            5.         Pay their bills

            6.         Work to provide for the family

            7.         Love their wife

            8.         Discipline themselves in what they watch

J.          Worse, some people are trying to push their way into the ministry by kicking in the door.

K.        Proverbs 16:32 The importance of self-control

L.         How can you wage war on the demons operating in your city when you cannot control your own flesh?

M.        You will never have authority over cities until you are found faithful in exercising authority over your own soul---keeping yourself under subjection

N.        The biggest battles are in the soul realm (Mind, Will, Emotions)

O.        How do you overcome the flesh?  Stay focused on the word of God.

            1.         John 16:33

P.         Satan rules over us through the senses

Q.        I Corinthians 9:27         Rule over your own body

            1.         Eyes

            2.         Ears

            3.         Tongue

            4.         Hands

            6.         Feet

            7.         Sexual organs

            8.         Brain (mind)

R.         Romans 6:13    Present your members as instruments of righteousness to God

S.         Say “YES” to the word and “NO” to the flesh

T.         Proverbs 23:2   Put a knife to your throat

            1.         Addictions

            2.         Appetite

            3.         Alcohol

            4.         Drugs

            5.         Tobacco

U.        The knife is none other than the SWORD of the Spirit, the Word of God

            1.         2 Peter 1:4

V.        We cannot please God until we rid ourselves of the sins and weights

            1.         Hebrews 12:1-2


Reigning in our Family

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