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Time for a New Beginning

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Time for a New Beginning

Pastor Keith Hassell

January 1, 1995 A.M.

Foundation Scripture:  Philippians 3:7-15a

I.          1995

            A.        A New Year

            B.         A New Beginning

            C.        A Time Of Reality - Time is passing

            D.        A Time Of Re-evaluation - What have I accomplished? What have I gained in 1994?                Am I where I want to be? Am I where I thought I would be?  Have I procrastinated                         another year doing what I said I would do last year-and the year before . . . ?

            G.        A Time Of New Resolutions- What do I want to see changed about my life in 1995                   that wasn’t that way in 1994? What goals should I set for my life in 1995?

II.         Setting Worthwhile Goals

            A.        Physical - What things will improve my health?

            B.         Educational - What things do I want to learn?

            C.        Discipline - What areas of flesh do I want to bring under control?

            D.        Relational - What relationships do I want to see changed and healed in 1995?

            E.         Vocational - Am I in the will of God in my employment?

            F.         Marital - What will make me a better husband or wife?

            G.        Parental – What will make me a better father or mother?

            H.        Family - What will make our family a better place of love and peace?

            I.          Financial – What must I do to achieve my financial goals?

            J.          Spiritual - What things do I need to do to grow spiritually?  What are my desires?                      What do I feel convicted by God to change?

III.       Having A New Beginning

            A.        Life in Christ must be our number one goal (v. 7-11)

            B.         Be honest with yourself and where you are (v. 12-13)

            C.        Rediscover and embrace God’s goals for your life (v. 12)

            D.        Put the past behind you (v. 13)

            E.         Get back in the race for the finish line

                        1.         “I press on that I may lay hold”(v. 12)

                        2.         “Reaching forward to those things which are ahead” (v. 13)

                        3.         “I press toward the goal for the prize”(v. 14)

            F.         It’s a matter of your maturity (v. 15a)

 IV.      1995—A Year Of Grace (5) and New Beginnings

            1.         Where are you in Christ?

            2.         Where do you want to be?  Where do you need to be?

            3.         What can you do to effect a new beginning?

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