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There's A Blessing In Your Mouth

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There’s A Blessing In Your Mouth

Pastor Keith Hassell


I.          The Nature Of The Tongue

            A.        It is small, like a bit or a rudder, which turn the course of a horse or a ship

            B.         Like a small spark in a forest, the tongue can do great damage(ruin reputation, begin                  strife, spread lies, separate intimate friends, offend a brother, etc.)

            C.        Unlike animals, no man can tame the tongue(Only God by His Holy Spirit)

            D.        The Tongue is full of deadly poison(hate, abuse, anger, foul language, filthy jokes,                      course jesting, criticism, judgmentalism, condemnation, belittling, vengeance,                             backbiting, rebellion, murder, deceit, lying, destruction, etc.)

E.                  The tongue can bless or it can curse             

1.         Proverbs 18:21  Life and death in power of tongue


II.        An Unbridled Tongue Nullifies Great Religious Effort

            A.        James 1:26  "If anyone among you thinks he is religious, and does not bridle his                          tongue, but deceives his own heart, this one's religion is in vain."

III.       We Are Called To Bring Blessing Into People's Lives

            A.        Genesis 12  Through Abraham's seed the world blessed                                                               


IV.       The Power Of The Blessing

            A.        Genesis 1:22  God blessed man and woman

            B.         Genesis 27  Isaac blesses Jacob and Esau

            C.        Genesis 32  Jacob wrestles an angel for the blessing

            D.        Genesis 48  Jacob blesses Joseph's sons

            E.         Numbers 6  God instructs Aaron to speak blessing over the children of Israel and He                 would bless them

            F.         Numbers 23  Balaam is sought out to curse Israel but is instructed by God to bless                    instead

            G.        Deuteronomy 33  Moses pronounces blessing over the tribes of Israel

            H.        Matthew 5:3-11  Jesus speaks forth blessing

            I.          Mark 10:16  Jesus lays hands on and blesses the children

            J.          Proverbs 11:11  "By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted."

  V.      There Is A Blessing In Your Mouth

            A.        Choose to bless and curse not

            1.         Matthew 5:44  Bless them that curse you

                        2.         I Corinthians 4:12  Being reviled, we bless

                        3.         Isaiah 65:8  "As the new wine is found in the cluster and one says, 'Do not                                             destroy it, for a blessing is in it,' so I will do for My servant's sake."

            B.         Look for something good and BLESS IT!

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