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The Unanswered Prayer of Jesus

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The Unanswered Prayer of Jesus

Pastor Keith Hassell



Foundation Scripture:  John 17:20-23


I.       The unanswered prayer of Jesus:  That they may be one

II.      Who are to be one?  Those who believe in Jesus

III.    What is our example?  One in Us (Oneness in the Trinity)

          A.      Unlike “Oneness” theology

IV.     Why are we to be one?

            A.      That the world may believe that God the Father sent Jesus

          B.      That the world may believe that the Father loves us as He did Jesus


V.      Oneness demonstrated

A.      In the relationship of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

B.      In creation (Genesis 1:26 Let US make)

C.      In marriage (Adam and Eve) Genesis 2:24 One flesh

D.      In the temple of Solomon (2 Chronicles 5:13-14) Priests as one & one sound

E.      On Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-4)

F.      In the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:12) Many members, one body

VI.     How are we to be one?

A.      It is not an organizational unity, but a unity spiritual unity.  Organized unity apart from the work of the Spirit in the heart is artificial and will not last.

B.      Through the glory Christ has given us (v. 22)

C.      2 Corinthians 3:18 “But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, we are being transformed into His image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of God.”

D.      I in them, You in me (God brings us into oneness as He lives in us)

E.      Unity of the Spirit (Ephesians 4:3).

F.      We are to be made perfect in one

          1.       “Perfect” means “completed in character or maturity”

2.       The enemy of oneness is the character issues inside of us that are not yet conformed to Christ

VII.   Satan attacks unity and oneness.

A.      In heaven (The rebellion)

B.      In marriage (Adam and Eve)

C.      In family (Cain and Abel were affected)

D.      In the body of Christ

E.      In the vision

VIII.  Roadblocks to oneness

A.      Sin

B.      Unbelief

C.      False teaching

D.      Pride

E.      Strife

F.      Unforgiveness

G.      Gossip (uncovering one another) (love covers)

H.      Insecurity

I.       Independent living (distracted living, entangled living)

J.       Rebellion (“Rebel lion”) (Witchcraft)

K.      Stubbornness  (Idolatry)

L.      Di-vision

M.     A lack of time spent in the presence of God individually

N.      A lack of time spent in the presence of God corporately

IX.     The blessing of Unity (Psalm 133)

A.      There is an anointing that is released upon unity.

1.       Anointing oil made from 4 compounds that have to be heated and blended together until they form a new compound altogether.

          B.      There is a refreshing that is released upon unity

          C.      God commands a blessing upon unity---LIFE forevermore

X.      Becoming One

          A.      In our relationship with Christ

          B.      In our marriage

          C.      In our family

          D.      In the church

          E.      In generations (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob)

          F.      In the vision

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