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The Third Day

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The Third Day

Pastor Keith Hassell



Foundation Scripture:            Ezekiel 37:1-14


I.          The significance of the “third day”

            A.        Jonah was in the belly of the great fish for three days

            B.         Jesus was in the grave for three days

            C.        Three is the number for resurrection---coming back to life

            D.        The thing that God is doing is more sustaining than Toronto or Brownsville

            E.         Hosea 6:1-3  God is about to resurrect the organic body of Christ

            F.         The Body of Christ---and organism---is at the heart of God.

II.        Valley of Dry Bones

A.        Ezekiel had to be taken out of the main stream to see what God was doing.  If we want God to use us in “revival”, we must be willing to allow God to take us where He wants us.

B.         “Set me down in the midst of a valley; and it was full of bones.”  God showed Ezekiel the condition of the people.  But God wasn’t showing him this to discourage him, but to reveal His plan.  What do we see?

C.        “Can these bones live?”            God wants to find out what we believe.

D.        Hearing:  God says to us “Prophesy to these bones.”   What did he command first?   It was to HEAR the word of the Lord.  Prophesy to bones that are dead to hear the word of the Lord.

E.         Breath:  “Surely I will cause breath to enter into you, and you shall live.”  God always speaks the end at the beginning.  We must speak into the final destiny of the church NOW.

F.         We have not experience the fullness of revival yet.  The seeds of revival have been sown.  God is about to send the rain>

G.        Obedience to prophesy:  “So I prophesied.”  THIS WAS THE BEGINNING OF THE REVIVAL PROCESS!

H.        Seven Stages of Revival

            (The first prophetic unction:  verses 7-8)

1.         SOUND:  Things get noisy in praise, prayer, and manifestations.

2.         SHAKING:  In every area to bring down everything that God has not built

3.         STRUCTURE:  “the bones came together, bone to bone”;  Kingdom order; God is restructuring the parts of the Body of Christ in order that it might reflect God’s purpose and design

4.         SINEWS AND FLESH:  Sinews speak of covenant; Flesh speaks of form and shape.  However there is still no life.

5.         SKIN:  A new understanding of spiritual covering for the body.

(The second prophetic unction:  verses 9-10)

6.         SPIRIT:  From the four corners.  God is doing things in many places that we have not yet seen.  He is bringing together the life of His Spirit from every people, tribe, language, and tongue.

7.         STANDING:  They are no longer dead, but alive.  They are now standing as a living organism with life and a purpose.  They are the army that God will use in these last days.

I.          Promise realized

(The third prophetic unction:  verses 11-14)

1.         God will fulfill His promise and bring them into their inheritance

III.       We must speak prophetically into the next millennium, the third day

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