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The Spirit of Christmas

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The Spirit of Christmas

Pastor Keith Hassell


Foundation Scripture:       John 3:16


I.          Christmas has become controversial a controversial subject from manger scenes, Christmas carols, and even in giving Christian Christmas cards.

II.         What is the meaning of Christmas? (Holiday cheer?  Gifts?  Parties?  Family?  Football?  Parades? Lights? Christmas Trees?  Carols? Santa Claus?  Reindeer? Being naughty or nice?)

III.       To find the meaning we have to go back to the first coming of Jesus

A.        There were no Christmas trees, no ornaments, no lights, no parties, nothing.  It was a humble beginning on a dark silent night when Jesus, our Savior was born.

B.         Christmas is not even about the hubbub made in the church about Christmas that can distract us from the real spirit of Christmas.

IV.       What is the Spirit of Christmas?

A.        It is experiencing the Persons, Passion, Provision, and Promise of Christmas.

V.        The Persons of Christmas

            A.        God the Father (Author of Christmas)

            B.         Jesus the Son (Star of Christmas)

            C.        World:  You and I (Recipients of Christmas)

VI.       The Passion of Christmas (God’s Compassion)

            A.        Loving (God so loved)

            B.         Giving (That He gave)

            C.        Sacrifice (His only Son)

VII.      The Provision of Christmas

            A.        Opportunity (whosoever)

            B.         Simplicity (believeth in Him)

VIII.     The Promise of Christmas

            A.        Deliverance from judgment (shall not perish)

            B.         Eternal life (but have everlasting life)

            C.        Poem:  “Twas the night before Jesus came”

IX.       Have you experienced the Spirit of Christmas in your life?

            A.        The opportunity is before you

            B.         The way is through believing in Jesus

            C.        The promise can be yours today

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