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The Progression of Depravity

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The Progression of Depravity

Pastor Keith Hassell



Foundation Scripture:       Romans 1:18-32


I.          The wrath of God is revealed against all

            A.        Ungodliness   of men

            B.        Unrighteousness of men

II.        The case against man

A.        God has revealed Himself in the things that are made

B.        Men knew God but chose not to glorify Him as God

C.        Men were unthankful

D.        Men became futile in their thoughts (reasoning)

1.         Consequence:  Their foolish heart was darkened.

E.         They professed themselves to be wise

            2.         Consequence:  They became fools

F.         They changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man, birds, and animals

III.       The Progression of Depravity

            A.        God gave them up to UNCLEANNES (verse 24)

                        1.         To the lusts of their own heart

                        2.         To dishonor their bodies among themselves

                        3.         Exchanging the truth of God for a lie

                        4.         They served the creature rather than the Creator

            B.        God gave them up to vile (perverted) PASSIONS (verse 26)

1.         Lesbianism

2.         Homosexuality

            C.        God gave them over to a DEBASED MIND (verse28)

                        1.         They do not like to retain God in their knowledge

2.         They are perverse in their behavior (things not fitting)

                        2.         They are given over to unrighteousness

3.         They justify and defend the lifestyle:  Knowing the righteous judgment of God they not only practice these things themselves but approve those who practice them.

IV.       What can we do?

            A.        Cease from your own reasoning

            B.        Humble your own self-declared wisdom

C.        Accept God’s revelation of Himself in His Creation and in His Word

            D.        Repent of your sin

            E.         Renounce the lie and embrace the truth of God

            F.         Receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior from sin

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