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7021 Creators Of “Superman”

 Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were shy, thin youths with glasses in 1933 when they created the man of steel who would become a multi-million dollar hero: Superman.”

 Siegel and Shuster are old men today, living on pennies and memories.

 They have no royalties because they signed over their rights to Superman in 1938 for $130.

 Siegel says he can’t bear to watch the old Superman television series and it pains him to see kids reading comic books on the Man of Steel.

 Shuster said that in 1966 he stood on the sidewalk on the opening night of the broadway musical, “Superman.” “I couldn’t afford the price of a premiere ticket,” he said. “I just huddled out there, while the celebrities arrived and everyone gawked at them. I couldn’t get in to see our own creation.”

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