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A reminder that at the cross we find love, mercy and grace that is greater than our sin.

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God is Holy. God is also Love. It is His Holiness that some of us need a fresh view of, me included. It is His sinless perfection, His lack of evil and of evil intent that we need a fresh view of. In Isaiah, the Bible teaches us that in the throne room of heaven, Holy angels sing Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty in a terrific round, over and over and over again. It is this scene which causes one of the most prolific authors of the Old Testament to cry out that he is unclean, that he is in essence unworthy, that his nation is unclean… He has a fresh view of the holiness of God and that leads him to fear what the holiness might look like if acted upon...


In the Old Testament, we see several examples of the wrath of God toward His sinful creation… Three of the greatest examples in the Old Testament of God’s wrath are the Universal Flood during the Time of Noah, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the slaughter of the so many in Israel by the fiery serpents. With these examples alone and without a fuller understanding of the greater narrative of the Scripture we can understand why people might have the wrong idea of who God is and what He is ultimately like… there is certainly an aspect of holiness and wrath that is incorporated in His nature, but we also see abundant examples of His wrath deferred and that is called
but we also see abundant examples of His wrath deferred and that is called


Even in these two terrifying examples, there was and is an aspect of mercy. God allowing for Noah and anyone that would have repented to be saved through the Ark. God allowing Lot to escape the destruction of the cities, and even his patience toward them. Perhaps the greatest example is found in the serpent story. God gave them once again an opportunity to repent, to look to the serpent that God had Moses fashion on the stick, raise up, and live. Even in the Old Testament there is mercy… why? He’s God. He owes none of us an explanation nor does He owe us a reprieve. He shows mercy because of His great...


This is where the New Testament is the culmination of the Old Testament. It is what the entire Old Testament was setting up from the very beginning. Can we still find the same God in the New Testament? IS God bi-polar as some mockers like to say? Does His wrath still show itself in the New Testament? YES. In one very dramatic place and later in the book of Revelation. That place is at the cross. At the cross.


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