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Defending Your Faith

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Being prepared to defend your faith in an unbelieving world.

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1 Peter 3:15 NIV
15 But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,


1 Peter 3:15 NIV
But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,
Apologetics may be simply defined as the defense of the Christian faith.
In this world we are bombarded by...
We personally have experienced this and we watch daily as our friends and family members experience it.
Some in this world are in so much pain and are wondering why go on living.
People want hope, love, acceptance, joy and they want answers. They see this in you, which is really Christ in you, and they are bringing questions.
This is all a natural side affect of living in a world of sin.
We live in a world that lives as if there is no God and then blame God when something goes wrong.


So many even claim to be Christians.
Please understand when you walk into the House of God that it doesn’t make you a Christian!
When I walk into a garage does that make me a mechanic?
When I walk into PPG Paints Arena does that make me a hockey player?
I put on the skates.
I put on the uniform.
I step onto the ice.
That doesn’t work with anything else in the world why do we believe it works that way with our relationship with Christ?
I go to church.
I have a fish on the back of my car.
I have prayed.
I have given money.
My parents were Christians.
None of that works!
People tell me that they have tried the church thing or the Jesus thing.
None of us are made to try the Jesus thing and the church thing.
We are made to be adopted in God’s family and to stand on the Rock.


If Peter tells us that we should always be ready to give an answer, then how do we answer some of the difficult questions that come our way?
First understand that you do not need to know all the answers!
If you had all the answers then you would be God.
Often it may even seem like you are in court standing trial.
Student speaking about science in school.
The “Big Bang” is still the most widely accepted theory on how the universe began.
How you ever pocket texted someone?
The chances of you getting a word or two are slim. The chances of you forming a compete sentence that makes sense…ya right!
What are the chances of you accidently typing our 3 billion letters to make a full, complete and perfect code?
3 Billion - that is the human geno code - your DNA
Let’s say you accidently stumble upon an automobile…do you say to yourself “What an amazing accidental collection of molecules that have gathered to form this.”
We wouldn’t think that! Yet, scientist want us to believe that the human body, which is far more complex, was made that way.
new car
new car left in woods
old car evolving into new car or a plane or a boat?
God created each of us, and He created each of us with a purpose - you are no accident!
Student asking about neanderthal man.
Now we getting serious about evolution.
There is a major flaw extending “micro-evolution” into “macroevolution”
Studies have shown that organisms are capable of adaptation. Living things have an ability to shift their biology to better fit their environment. However, those same studies have demonstrated that macroevolution can not be done. Dogs, all dogs are the same species and there are great variations in different dogs. But you will not turn a dog into an elephant no matter how much breeding you do.
And even more you will never create life out of no life!

One Way

Okay, science is one thing but you are going to stand there and tell me that Jesus is the only way to heaven?!?
Millions believe in something or someone other than Christ. Buddha, Gandhi, Mohammed all pointed to other ways.
Good moral people have done wonderful things and made this world a better place that have no belief in Jesus Christ.
If I were to plan a trip from N.Y. to L.A. I would open up a map and see there are many ways to get there. Even a GPS on my phone would give me multiple options. So why do you as a Christian say there is only one way to heaven?
First, let’s understand that other “religions” believe their way is the only way.
Why is Christianity considered narrow minded when God’s Word say to love others as ourselves and to love our enemies? Why is that narrow minded?
Now you mentioned the GPS on your phone a moment ago. If I don’t dial your exact phone number will I get through?
So if there is only one way, isn’t that something everyone would want to know?
Yes, Jesus is the only way to heaven. Such an exclusive statement may grate on the postmodern ear, but it is true nonetheless. The Bible teaches that there is no other way to salvation than through Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself says in , “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” He is not a way, as in one of many; He is the way, as in the one and only. No one, regardless of reputation, achievement, special knowledge, or personal holiness, can come to God the Father except through Jesus.
John 14:6 NIV
6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
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