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The Meaning Of Love Part 6

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Love always trusts.
Commentaries on the Epistles of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians Chapter 13a Christian man will reckon it better to be imposed upon by his own kindness and easy temper, than to wrong his brother by an unfriendly suspicion.
Joseph Gordon: If someone is not cheating you, you are not doing much for God. If someone is not robbing you, taking advantage of you, stabbing you in the back, deceiving you, then you are not really dealing with lost people like you should be.If we are cautious, so frugal, so reserved in our relationships that we are not dealing with people that lie, cheat, steal and abuse us- then we are not following in the footsteps of Jesus. Some would say- we must be wise. But the Bible says-”He that winneth souls is wise.” If your wisdom has caused you to be so cautious and self-protecting that you won’t even talk to broken, sinful people, or open your heart to a relationship with them for fear of getting cheated- then you have ceased to act out of wisdom and moved into the realm of acting in fear.Love always hopes.
The ESV Study Bible Chapter 13Love believes the best of others and hopes the best for them.
Love always perseveres.
Love never fails.Love survives everythingTough love is the only kind of love.I don’t understand. I have seen pastor’s wives leave their husband for one single mistake, but I have seen sinner’s endure years of unfaithfulness and failure and stick it out.How patient we are with the failures of others is directly related to how humble we are about our own failures. When we remember that God’s love embraces us, supports us, sticks with us at our worst, then we can stick with others through their worst times.
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