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Discipleship 2

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What disciples can learn

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As You Are Going

Introduction: Last Week
A. Disciples
1. Called to a person
2. Empowered to go
3. Ordinary men through who Christ would work
4. Men who were sent

Christ had asked them to pray about the harvest in 9:36–38; now He sends them into the harvest to serve. It is a serious thing to pray for the lost, because God will want to use you to help answer those prayers.

B. Today we’ll take up at verse 5
I. Jesus Commanded
A. We should understand that Jesus has the authority to command us.
1. If I am a disciple, He is in charge and not me; on the throne
a. purchased us with His own blood
b. I don’t belong to me any more, I belong to Christ
B. Jesus may call you to do things others do not
1. Leave our home and become a missionary
2. Leave our comfort zone and witness to another
3. Call you into the ministry
II. Do Not Go
A. There was a certain audience for this particular time
1. Were to go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel
a. Jesus had been sent to rescue God’s chosen people from
idolatry and apostasy : estranged from God
B. As you Go - Great Commission
1. As you are going, make disciples
2. All of life is to be on mission - taking advantages of the
opportunities God lays before us
C. Preach - Share the Message
1. You have a message - its personal, but should be shared
a. How your life was before you met the Lord
b. How you met Him
c. How your life has been since you met Him.
i. should be some noticeable changes
a. attitude; behavior; interests; the way you relate to people
b. no change, probably no conversion
ii. passed from death to life, love the brethren
iii. new creation, old things have passed away, all things new
2. Don’t have to be a preacher to share your message
III. Give Freely
A. Disciples understand that what they have to share comes from God
1. they were to do more than just preach, they were to meet needs
2. they were empowered to meet the needs of people
a. heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons
B. Not everyone is empowered to do those things, but have been
endowed with a spiritual gift.
1. given to you by the Holy Spirit at the time of your conversion
a. given so you can minister to the body of Christ
b. didn’t earn it but was given by the Holy Spirit and it is perfectly
matched for you.
2. Not everyone knows and understand their giftedness, but it is an
indication that God has a place for you in the ministry of the
kingdom. YES, ordinary you.
IV. Trust God
A. They were to go trusting God for their provisions
1. Do not take: gold or silver, money, extra clothes, sandals, etc.
a. I’m going to take care of you- how through people.
2. Worker is worthy of his food -
B. God will provide - feeds the birds of the air, clothes the grass of the
fields - more valuable to God than many sparrows
1. God may send you to someone, you are apprehensive, but you go
trusting God to give you the words, etc. to say.
V. Allies in Christ
A. Inquire who is worthy - these would be the people who would accept
the message of the kingdom.
lost sheep of the house of Israel - hear a new message, the message of salvation through the cross
some would receive it and some would not
should not discourage a disciple, a disciple is to remain faithful in what he/she is called to do, trusting God for the results.
there will be those who will reject us and reject the message God wants them to have, we must expect this, not all will be saved, but some will.
B. Let your peace come upon it
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