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Response to Hate and racism

Response to Racism and Bigotry   •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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I shouldn’t have to make the statement I’m about to make, but in light of recent events I believe I must go on the record and and state unequivocally the official position of Riverside Baptist Church, and the Staff, including your pastor.
That white supremacy, Alt.Right, and racism, bigotry, hatred and or oppression of any individual or groups of people is incompatible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, It is evil and is from the pit of Hell, it has no place in the kingdom of God and is not welcome and will not be permitted in our church. This is not a political statement its is a Kingdom statement, you cannot be a racist in any form and at the same time consider yourself a follower of Jesus Christ. you cannot call Jesus King, and believe that nonsense.
I will take it a step further and declare that racism in all of its forms is despicable, disgusting and evil, what we have seen in recent days is demonic, and satanic influenced. There is something that is beneath all of this rage, hatred, and anger that no political party, or legislation, or education, or police action will be able to cure. It is a problem of the heart, it is a spiritual depravity that is only repairable by a complete and total heart transformation brought about by repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. it is only the Gospel of Jesus Christ that has a chance to bring about the kind of change and transformation that would have any impact on the hearts of those who thrive on hate… the effect of the gospel is the walls of hostility toward God are broken down and a new people is formed that is marked, not by ethnicity, culture, socio-economics, education, or anything else except the indwelling of The Holy Spirit that has created a new people where there was once not one.
Shine your light of truth…
so how should we, what should we do now? ive already said this, but i need to keep repeating it, the first thing we need to do is
1. recognize what we are talking about. no mater what i do im going to make somebody mad… half of my friends are on one side of the political spectrum and they think the problem is one thing, the other half of my friends are on the opposite side of the political spectrum and they think its the other half of my friends that are the problem. and I’m stuck in the middle between a few hundred people try ing to get me to endorse their particular brand of america and not be a traitor to this brand of america and im gonna make em all mad… its you… you are the problem. you may not have driven a car at a high rate of speed into a crowd, but if you are putting your particular brand of american politics above your devotion and obedience to the King of all Kings and Lord of Lords, the Author and finisher of your faith, then you are the problem, church… this is not a political problem, do you realize that both political parties are at fault here, using hate and violence for political means… its wrong, its sin, and God has no part of it. i was sick to my stomach to see pictures of men spewing hatred of people of different color holding signs with Bible verses on it to use God’s word to prop up your hate speech is evil and beyond. you will answer to God for the mis-use of his holy word. its not a threat its a warning and you better repent. same is true on the other side. anyone who uses this situation to promote their own brand of politics is evil, demonic, divisive, and does not deserve your time or attention. so its a spiritual problem. its a spiritual depravity. We have forgotten a very important point we are all first and foremost, Image Bearers Of God . there it is, the most important foundational truth that we as a human race has forgotten or ignored, you are an image bearer of God your creator. when you hate someone else, or use people you are blaspheming the image of God.
2. The Gospel is the answer… you and I must be active Gospel bearers , .
3. Be the difference… Let your light shine . . you go and do likewise… i want you to notice the command, go and do, not go and let someone else, not go if you have time, not go if you have the energy. Go and DO LIkwise. its going to take great personal sacrifice to solve this problem… and ive got news for you, people from all sides will be very unhappy when God’s people shine the light of truth on their agendas.
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