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Right Worship and a Right Heart

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Worship requires both obedience and right hearts

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How do we approach worship? Is it about following God’s commands? What about right hearts? We need to both be obedient and right in our worship. God expected obedience and right hearts from the Israelites. God expects believers in Jesus Christ to be obedient and to have right hearts in worship.

God expects right actions of worship. (12-15)

God had commanded the Israelites to worship in a certain manner.
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God gives us his commands for a reason and we cannot worship rightly as believers and ignore them.
We can worship obediently as believers in Jesus Christ.

God expects right hearts in worship. (16-20)

God would not have been pleased if Aaron had wasted the part of the offering he was supposed to have eaten.
Following rules vs. following their intent.
God expects our obedience to Him in worship to be from a right heart.
We can worship with a right heart as believers in Jesus Christ.
We can worship our Savior in a way that is both obedient and reflects a right heart.
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