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First Things First Part 2: Seek First the Kingdom

First Things First; Part 2  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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One of the first things Christian should focus on is learning to seek God's Kingdom and His righteousness

Notes & Transcripts

Your Life is Too Important to be Wasted on Worry

The basic needs of life can be an obstacle between us and God 25a
Question 1: Is LIFE not more than basic needs? 25b
God is faithful to the birds 26a
Question 2: Are you not worth more than they? 26b
We worry about a PAST we cannot change, a FUTURE we cannot know, and a PRESENT we cannot control.

Worry Doesn’t Accomplish the Things You Need

Worry cannot extend your life 27
Worry cannot put clothes on your back 28a
God will not fail to clothe you 28b-30a
God’s provision is a faith-lash away 30b

The Solution to Worry is God

the Negative Example of the Gentiles 32a
the Positive Knowledge of God 33b
the Guaranteed Result of Trusting God 33
the reality we must accept 34
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