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Romans: Righteousness for the Unrighteous  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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How do you view or see yourself? What do you think about yourself?
How you view or think about yourself, or others, or any item effects how you act, think, and feel
For instance if you view your teacher as important, a person of authority, and somebody you should respect then how are you going to treat them?
If you view yourself as the stuff as the best then how are you going to act?
As we begin Romans we are going to look at how Paul viewed things. These are all in the opening of Acts
Why does your view of things matter?

View Of Paul ()

Servant of Christ
What do we know about Paul? Great evangelist, Great Teacher, Great Christian
If anyone could brag it would be him, but he didn’t consider himself as some great person, as someone worthy to be praised, or worshiped, he was a servant
This idea of servant is somebody who willfully submits to somebody out of love and respect.
That is how Paul submitted and was a servant to Christ.
Are you a servant of Jesus? Do you submit to him or follow him in your life because of the love and respect you have for him? We should because as we will see later he is our savior, something nobody else could do and he is our Lord meaning he is our ruler; he is in charge
Apostle by God
Apostle means that Paul was called to a specific purpose. His purpose was to preach Jesus throughout the world so that people may become obedient to God by trusting in Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior and obey all that God commands
He had direct communication with God, which is how Paul was able to write most of the New Testament
Had the ability to heal people so that people would see his teaching is authoritative and that it came from God.
Paul had never met these people so he had to give a reason as to why they should read the remainder of his letter. This is why his introduction talks so much about the Gospel and Jesus. He wanted to prove to them that he was truly a follow of Jesus Christ.
Set apart for the Gospel of God
How did Paul mainly view Himself?
What does it mean to be a servant?
How can we be a servant to Jesus like Paul was?

View of the Gospel

The word Gospel means good news. When we talk about the Gospel what is the good news we are talking about? Jesus Christ. The Good News that Jesus came to the earth to provide a way for people to be saved from their sin an glorify God.
The Gospel came from God
It wasn’t made up, this isn’t something Paul thought up; it came from God
Not only did it come from God, God promised it hundreds of years before Jesus came to the earth! The Old Testament has around 332 prophesies about Jesus Christ, meaning to Old Testament has 332 instances where it talks about Jesus hundreds of years before he came to the earth. So this Good News is not only Good News, but it is Old News, and it isn’t Fake News why? Because it came from God
The Gospel is about Jesus and God. Who is the Gospel about? It isn’t about us. It is for us, it is needed by us but it isn’t about us. We have the Gospel the Good News so that God may receive glory. God is the one who made the Good News happen so that all people would praise Him and bring glory and honor to him.
Is that how we view the Gospel? Do we look at the news of Jesus and think thats awesome, but I don’t need that. I got my own things going. Or maybe we think that it’s not that big of a deal. I have believed and trusted in Jesus it’s no big deal it just so that I won’t go the Hell.
That is a wrong view of the Gospel. We need to see it how Paul sees it as important and it should cause us to seek everyday to bring glory and honor God because of what he did for us.
What does the word Gospel mean?
Where does the Gospel come from?
Who is the Gospel about?
A right view of the Gospel should cause us to do what?

View of Jesus

He is the promise of the Old Testament, the one who the Gospel is about
Jesus is the Son of God who was sent to provide a way people could be forgiven of their sins and have a relationship with
Jesus is our Lord
Jesus is our King our Ruler. Not everyone likes the King or recognizes him as king but does that make it false? Example
But the truth is Jesus is our Savior and he is our king. One day everybody will recognize him as king. What you must do is recognize and trust in him now because later is too late. Now is the time if you have never trusted in Jesus to be your Lord and Savior to do so.
Where does the Bible first talk about Jesus, Old Testament or New Testament? About how many times does it refer to Jesus?
Jesus is what? Son of God, Lord, and Savior
Because Jesus is the Son of God, Lord, and Savior what should that cause us to do?

View of Purpose

What is the purpose of all this? What is Paul’s purpose what is the purpose of the Gospel? What is the reason for all of this? It is to bring glory and honor to God.
How do we do that? We obey. What do we obey? We obey God who has communicated with us through the Bible. How we glorify God? Do what the Bible says. You read it and study it and then you put it into practice. You do what it says.
How do you obey your coach? You do what they say. How do you obey your teacher you do what they say? obey parents you do what they say. What if you don’t know. You ask them and they communicate with you. God has communicated with you through the Bible about what he desires you to do. He has also given us the Holy Spirit who will lead us if we allow him to, and he has given us prayer as a means for us to communicate with him.
Why did we study this tonight? So that we could better obey God.
What is the purpose of the Gospel?
What was the purpose of studying this tonight? To bring about obedience to God.
How can you better obey God?

Small Group Questions

How did Paul mainly view himself?
What does it mean to be a servant of Jesus
How can we be servants of Jesus?
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