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Last Words

Yesterday’s Funeral (Rodger’s dad) is a reminder that death is inevitable. Verse 28 (Why we need Christ)
It was a memorial celebrating the life of Rodger’s dad
What will people say about your eulogy
It is said that a person’s last words before death are important.
Read the highlighted list
Vince Lambordi, “Turned to his wife. Happy Anniversary. I love you!”

The Apostle Paul’s Valedictory

John Wayne, “Of course I know who you are. You are my girl. I love you.
2 Timothy Synopsis
Paul wrote this to Timothy from a Roman prison.
Steve Jobs, “Oh wow, Oh wow, Oh wow.
He had deep relationship with Timothy (Spiritual Father.
He really wanted to see him again.
He wanted to give Timothy some final instructions/ advice for ministry.
Roman persecution of Christians was very active, because of Nero and the fire of Rome.
Drink offering
It is referenced to were God instruct the Israelites to give various offerings ( Daily, Sabbath, monthly, Passover, burnt)
Remember that offerings to the Lord is a form of worship. It is declaring that everything that I have belongs to you.
It was a form of libation (Ritual of pouring liquid upon the ground as a sacrifice).
Paul reiterates this in .
We no longer have to give animal sacrifices to the Lord, but we should give our lives as a sacrifice to the Lord.
In your eulogy, can they say that your life was a sacrifice to the Lord?
Time to go
It mentions “being poured” as passive, continual process where his life has pouring out for the Lord.
Is our lives being poured out in the same manner?
But Paul was at the last drop of bottle. “The time of my departure” .
He knew that his tenure on earth was going to end. Reiterates this in
Solomon reminds us that there is a time for everything. Appreciate the time you have right now. One second lived is closer to our death.

Paul’s Own Eulogy- 2 Tim. 4:7

Fought the good fight
What fight? My commentary is that fight refers to our faith. (My opinion of Pauline Authorship)
Life has many battles (Career, Relationships, Trials, Tragedy, Fiancial battles, Illnesses, Parenting)
Pick the “good” fight.
Fight (argon) is to engage in a physical or nonphysical struggle or exercise to overcome strong opposition.
Maintaining our faith is struggle, because our battle is against principalities.
The enemy attack our faith (Salvation, Devotion, Service). Remember the spiritual bullies?
If he shakes you faith, he will shake your life (Family, Career, Finances, Illnesses, Parenting, Service, Lost{fishers of men}). Mk 16:14
We need to learn how to choose our battles (difficulty settings in a game)?
Paul choose to fight the good fight which is the battle of faith
Battles of faith
Trusting the Lord. Psalms 9:10
Faith is part of spiritual growth.
Faith develops Christian character. James 1:2-3
Faith develops deep devotion to the Lord (Prayer life)
Faith rewards you.
Faith gives you peace.
Don’t you think that having these ingredients will help you overcome the battles of life?
Instead of concentrating your battle against your boss, concentrated on prayer (Faith)
Finish and Keep the race
Finish implies that Paul was at peace to go home. Do you have that peace? Do your friends? Does your family
Kept (tereo) which means keep or observe.(stewardship)
We have a duty keep our faith from diminishing
We are called to be priests. Rev. 1:5-6
A priest observed, kept and taught the Scriptures and maintained the Tabernacle/Temple
We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and it is our calling to maintain it and that we keep the Word.
If we keep the Word our faith will not diminish
But…It is a daily battle! We have many battles in life. It is better to 100% one thing than a pie chart.
Fight the good fight of faith above all. Matthew 6:33
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