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5:21-34 - A Woman Restored

Jesus is in the midst of leaving one group of people who were afraid of him and healing a man of demon possession to another crowd in need
Jairus, a synagogue leader asked him for healing. He would have been a lay leader in charge of the building and the services going on.
He comes with a hopeless situation, asking Jesus to save.
verse 25 begins a Markan sandwich of the lady with an issue of blood.
This lady would have been considered unclean
Could not come to worship services
Social outcast
Physical pain
Lonely and depressed
The account of information about her doctor visits goes to show that the issue was incurable at this time.
She herself was in a hopeless situation and reached out to be healed by the Jesus, it was her last hope it seems
Jesus notices power has left him, and he addresses her “daughter” which shows love and endearment.
What does this passage show us about Jesus?
What does this passage show us about ourselves?
What might his passage push you to do?
What did her faith do?
Do you ever face what looks like hopeless situations?

35-43: Raising a Girl

En route to save this girl she dies, so people tell him that he doesn’t need to go anymore, they think death is too powerful for him.
Like a boss, Jesus heals her and brings her back from the dead.
He takes a few disciples in to show them his power
He gathers the family together, like a great pastor
He raises her with his word, it is powerful enough.
The tells them not to tell anyone, and says she is asleep because its not his time to die yet.
What does this passage tell you about Jesus?
What does his power show you?
Can you trust this Jesus?
How have you seen his power before?
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