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Golf Story

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A young man started out by himself to play nine holes of golf at his country

club that he had just joined, when an elderly gentleman shuffled onto the

tee and asked if he could join him. The young man, realizing the old guy

probably knew the course layout, welcomed him along.

Although the old guy didn't hit the ball very far, he played surprisingly

well. At the third hole the young guy found himself with

a bad shot--a large pine tree was directly between his ball and the hole,

and he couldn't decide how he wanted to play it.

'Ya know,' the old guy told him, 'When I was your age , I used to hit the

ball right over that tree.'

With that challenge issued, the young man swung hard and hit the ball right

on the top of the tree and it thudded back on the ground just about where it

originally was.

'But then again,' the old guy offered, 'When I was your age, that pine tree

was only about three feet tall.'

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