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Christ's Love For His Church

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Rev 3:14-22. Ross Patterson. So! The Church Council has called the congregation again to meet in fellowship with our Lord Jesus Christ around His table in the Lord’s Supper! How do you respond when you regularly hear this announcement? You’ve most likely celebrated this Supper hundreds of times – in which case, there is ever the danger to approach it as a “habit.” We lose the spiritual blessing of the impact the suffering and death of the Son of God on our hearts! That’s not a good place to be in! The Church of Laodicea is the only congregation which does not receive even one affirmation – it’s all negative! They are a “lukewarm” church full of “lukewarm” Christians. The Almighty Christ Shepherd comes to this congregation, checks it out and gives His divine verdict – “I am about to spew you out of My mouth!” This was a third generation church, having around 45 years of history. The spiritual relationship of these Christians to their Lord had lost its fervour and fire! ...

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