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The Model Prayer

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When Jesus teaches us to pray, he gives a template that allows us to approach God in the best way

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We Pray As Sons

“Our Father” This means we have a relationship We don’t pray to God as a distant celestial being or a grand wizard we must be fearful of. We pray to him as “Dad” We have a special relationship with him.
We Pray In Submission
As a father to a toddler, I love it when my son waddles over to me to give me a big hug. God wants that from us too. He wants to have a relationship with us and be with us. This means we have access to God .
God is the sovereign king of the universe and we have access to sit as his feet and talk to him.
Imagine President Obama and his daughters: His daughters have access to the Oval office. But if I walked into the White House, I wouldn’t get very far.
This idea of sonship means we are an apprentice to the Master.
The term “Our Father” not only explains the relationship and the access we have to God, but also a implication of apprenticeship. In Jesus’ day, if you were a man, your Father would not only be your caregiver and you provider, but he would also be your teacher for your future career.
If Dad was a carpenter, he would teach you to be a carpenter. If Dad was a blacksmith, he’d teach you to work with metal. If Dad was a king, you were groomed to be the next king. If God is our Father, he is also our apprentice and we are learning to be more like him.
When we say “Our Father,” we agree to his future and his training for us. Because we pray to God as our Father and not our friend, there is authority in the relationship. This means our posture should be one of submission.

We Pray In Submission

We Pray in Supplication

We Pray As Sinners

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