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The Value of Friendship: God's Friend

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Understadning the importance of friendship in the church

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Back to School is about making Friends

Northern Middle School Isaiah Pic Example
Part of the school experience is not just education but making friends
Most of our friendship experiences is stimulated by our school era.
Some have long term friendships from school experiences? BFF? School Sweet-heart?
I believe, God’s Providence allowed friendship to be stirred in the school experience.
Friendship means a close or deep, loving, trusting relationship between two people (singular term).
The benefits of friendship
It builds your social skills. (Humanity was designed for relationship)
Poor relationship is usually the cause of pure communication on any level (marriage, parenting, businesses, church, and even God).
It builds your support group (encouragement, accountability, trust, care, love).
God supports us having good friends. Read

Principles of Biblical Friendship

God wants to be your BFF. ; James 4:8
This means a deep, honest, trusting, loyal, loving connection with God.
Three characters in the OT. described the kind of relationship God had with His servants (Abraham, Moses and Job). ;
This friendship meant that they had an intimate connection with God.
There life experiences is recognized by there encounter with God (Burning bush, National blessings, Ten commandments, Job’s trials and blessings)
This illustrates the type of relationship they had with God.
Jesus Christ exemplified the friendship relationship He had with the Father.
God and Jesus are one. There is trinitarian value in it! But it also attested to the deep relationship they had with the each other!
The Garden of Gethsemane example. (Jesus example of dependence)
Friendship with God mean that Jesus needs to be your Lord and Savior. Eph. 2:18-19
Having certain friends can give you special access ? (Example)
Knowing Christ gives you special access
Eternity with God
Unlimited talk and text with God (Prayer)
Heavenly Real Estate. ; Rom. 8:17
Purpose and Opportunity. Jer. 29:11
Friendship with God does not mean he is your buddy
Understand that God is Holy.
Pure hearts can only come from the justification and atonement of Christ. The standard of God is high!
Which means that He should be revered. Even though we are redeemed in Christ our standard with God is still high. Rev. 14:7
Parent/Children dynamic example
Mom vs. first name basis dynamic (Sharon and Ariel)
Some treat God the same way!
We try to put God at our level (Out of convenience to sugar coat sin, or lower our spiritual standards).
Friendship with God essentially means that our communication with Him should be tight.
It is not reciprocal, meaning that you are both equal. God is higher and we are below him. He does not respond to our terms, we respond to His! He is the vine and we are branches!
Friendship with God needs to be cultivated
It is cultivated by spending time together (Prayer)
It is cultivated by obedience to God’s will.
Sharing our faith
Living holy lives. (Avoiding sin in our lives)
By loving his people (Part 2 message)

Sermon Challenge

Can you say Jesus is your friend?
If not, he invites you to be His friend.
Maybe He is your friend, but the dynamics of the relationship has grown cold?
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