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The Fool

Proverbs: Wisdom For Living  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  33:38
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Pr 1:32-33. Tony van Drimmelen. No treatment of the book of Proverbs would be complete without giving some attention to the fool. Who is he? What makes him a fool? Proverbs presents us with so many facets to his character, that we can all identify with the fool. Like so many of the themes we have considered in the book, wisdom is the antidote to foolishness. Lady wisdom speaks and she endears herself to us in the gospel. She addresses the folly of all humanity and makes it possible for each one of us to grow and mature and reach our God given potential. In the gospel Jesus, gives Himself to us to enable us to thrive in wisdom’s path avoiding the pitfalls of the fool.

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