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Doing It In The Name Of The Lord

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Colossians 3:17-22


            A. God has given us duty in this world.

Christian’s are confused about what is proper as far as Christian duty is concerned. They suppose it to be greater to do Christian work even to the neglect of menial work.


But what does Ecclesiastes three say?

B. The neglecting of menial work. (See Mark 7:9-13; Col. 3:18-22; 2 Thes. 3:10-11)

Many Christian school teachers fall prey to this deception, leaving off academics for spiritual counseling. This was my pet-peeve at times with CNECA!


Sometimes our good spiritual intentions are misdirected. We also need to realize that it takes great restraint and maturity to discern.


Example: One of the most widely miss-used illustrations comes from the testimony of D.L. Moody. He was conducting evangelistic meetings at the Illinois St. Church in Chicago, and as his practice was at the time, would only ask for decisions for Christ at the end of the campaign. Such was the usual Sunday night Oct. 8, 1871. He brought the meeting right to the doors of heaven, and then dismissed the congregation. But Dwight would never be able to draw that net for at 9:00 PM Mrs. O’Leary’s cow supposedly knocked over a lantern which ignited the “Chicago Fire”. The Illinois St. Church burned to the ground with the rest of the city, leaving out of it’s 300,000 residents, 90,000 homeless. Mr. Moody vowed that he would never leave off an opportunity to draw the net again.


Now this story has been used by many to justify doing whatever it takes whenever necessary to win someone to Christ, even at someone else’s expense.


Yet there is one very important difference between Mr. Moody’ position and most of yours, he was in the evangelistic business, you are not. For him it is proper, for you it is not!


“The merchant is not to provoke unseemly discussions on sacred subjects when he ought to be attending to the business of the counting house; the clerk should not be reading his Bible when he ought to be posting his ledger; the servant maid should not be praying when she ought to be cleaning her kitchen; nor ought the mother to be gadding about, or running to endless revival meetings, while her house is dirty and her husband and children neglected. It is not so much that everything is to be done after one special outward form as that every duty is to be done in a religious spirit.” (The Preachers Homiletic Commentary)

II.            PROPERLY SERVING THE LORD.  Vs.18-22

            We come now to the most practical portion of this passage.

            How you are to serve the Lord!

            A. Wives – submit = υποτασσω

I think this to be a great challenge to the modern day woman. To submit oneself to another suggests some sort of second-class citizenship.


                        1. The way Jesus submitted Himself to the Father.

                        2. Equal and joint-heirs in faith.

It is the godly wife who knows how to adorn herself with a cloak of humility to a man who may not be her equal.


            B. Husbands – love your wives.

                        For a better understanding of just how a husband is to love, read 1 Corinthians 13.

                        Also, Romans 12:9 says, “let love be without dissimulation (hypocracy).”

Far too many husbands lord over their wives as a tyrant king, who treat their wives more like a dog than a person.


                        If you are one flesh, why do you treat yourself with contempt or disdain?


                        1. As Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it. (Eph. 5:31)

                        2. With tenderness and respect.

            C. Children – obey your parents in all things.

                        Listen! As godly children, you have an obligation to obey always.


                        You may not think it fair, but then again that’s not the point.


                        You are to obey them with a good attitude as unto the Lord.


            D. Fathers – provoke not.

                        Do not purposely stir up anger in your children.


                        Do not exasperate them with constant negative fault finding.


Yes by all means point out their mistakes, discipline when necessary, hold them accountable, but don’t ride them or get all over them when it is undeserved! And by all means praise them for what they do right!

            E. Servants – Obey your masters.

                        Ah! Here we are, the place where we all find ourselves.


                        We are to obey those who are over us, whether it’s our teacher, our boss, or our Pastor.


                        We obey God when we obey them.

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