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The End-times nad The Ancient Jewish wedding

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The End-times nad The Ancient Jewish wedding

Key Scripture Passage: Mt 22:1-14

Key Scripture: Jn 3:29-30

Hymns: "Take my life"

          "Great is thy faithfulness"

1.  Why The Ancient Jewish Wedding

     a.  Jesus delibrately uses the Ancient Jewish Wedding as a type

          i.   There are 20 verses which reference the Ancient Jewish Wedding

          ii.  At least two parables use the imagery of the Ancient Jewish Wedding

     b.  The nature of the Ancient Jewish Wedding

          i.   The proposal

               (1)     Bride’s father and suiter agree on Bride price

                    (a)      Isa 53:10

                          (i) the Father was pleased with the price

                    (b)     "For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins." (Mat 26:28 KJV)

                          (i) the Suitor agreed upon price stated

          ii.  Suiter proposes to Bride by offering a cup

               (1)     Mat 26:28

          iii.      Bridgroom goes to prepare a place for the bride

               (1)     John 14:3

          iv.      Bridegoom return and calls his Bride, steals her to his Father’s house

               (1)     John 14:3

               (2)     1 Th 4:16

          v.  The Brides removal proceeds the Supper

     c.  Conclusions

          i.   No Prewrath Midtribulation Rapture

               (1)     The church is distinct from Israel in their marriage

                    (a)      Church is the Bride of christ

                          (i) Rom 7:4

                          (ii)     Eph 5:12

                    (b)     Israel is not the bride of christ but the Father

                          (i) Jer 3:12-14

               (2)     Christ carrying away his bride proceeds Israel’s conversion

                    (a)      fulness of the Gentiles into the church then Israel’s conversion Rom 11:25-26

                          (i) All tribulation gentiles not saved into the church

                               1) see Rom 11:25-26

                          (ii)     Therfore the Church not present as the saved company during the Tribulation, since if the church were Gentiles would be saved into it


               (3)     The bride is raptured away before the Marriage supper

                    (a)      Christ coming for his church is a stealing away not triumphant coming

                          (i)  1 Th 4:16

                    (b)     Christ coming to set up kingdom triumphant

                          (i) Zec 14:4

               (4)     Christ carrying away his bride before the middle of the Tribulation

                    (a)      Saints during the Tribulation refer to Israel

                          (i) "...wear out the saints of the most High,"

                               1) Saint here saved Israel Dan 9:24-27

          ii.  Purify Yourself

               (1)     1 Jn 3:3

                          iii.        Rejoice

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