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 the Deity of Messiah and the Triunity of GOD in The Old testament"


1.        Intro:

Most Jews are accustom to think of the Trinity or Tri-unity of God as less than Jewish doctrine, If you had just your O.T, that is, no Scripture beyond Malachi could you prove the Doctrine of The Trinity? If not why not? The Old Testament makes up 3/4 of your bible

2.        The Triunity of GOD

           Texts which are not Messiah related

                  The Shema (Deut 6:4-9)

            Note: the personal and religious important of the Shema

                                   Echad v.s Yachid

                                         (a)      Echad means " a compound unity or

                                         "one with more than one part or person"

                                                   (i)       Gen 2:24 - has to mean a compound


                                                   (ii)      Num 13:23 - has to be one in many or

                                                                            a compound unity

                                         (b)      Yachid means " a unit or single one of


                                                    Gen 22:2,12,16 - "only son"

          B. Messiah related texts

                    ii.        Psalm 45:6-7

                              (1)      Thy throne O' GOD....GOD thy GOD

                                         (a)      Two separate persons being called GOD

                    iii.       Psalm 110:1

                              (1)      Our Lord himself as well as Peter use this verse

                                         (a)      Matt 22:44-45

                                         (b)      Acts 2:35

          C. The Angel of The LORD and The Tri-unity of GOD

                    1. II Sam 24:16 

                          a. both the Angel of the LORD and the LORD

                                   mentioned in the same verse

                    2. Ex 3:2-6

                           a. the Angel of The LORD is GOD

                              (2)      The Targum on this psalm refers it to Messiah

                              (3)      The author of Hebrews quotes this psalm in

                                 reference to Messiah

                                         (a)      Heb 1:8-9

                                         (b)      Jer 23:5-6

                    iv.       Messiah is called by the name of GOD

                    v.        this portion of scripture is definitely Messianic

                              (1)      the Targum on this passage relates it to


          b.        Isa 9:6-7

                    i.         Messiah is clearly called by the names he is given in the passage

3.        The Deity of Messiah

          a.        Psalm 45:6-7

                    i.         this psalm is Messianic and always regarded so

4.         Application

          a.       He is worthy of our obedience

          b.       He is worthy of our worship (As A Jew I would be the worst blasphemer if Jesus was not God)

          c.       He is worthy of our trust

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